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Dames For Danes Great Dane Rescue

Dames for Danes is an all-volunteer non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization based in Oak Ridge, TN dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected Great Danes in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, as well as to other areas in which our resources will allow.

  • Shelter Address
  • PO Box 4922
    Oak Ridge, TN 37831
  • Phone
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  • Website
  • http://www.damesfordanes.org/
  • Pet types
  • Dogs
  • Location served
  • Great Danes, Knoxville, TN all surrounding areas - Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and other areas

Adoption Process

Dames for Danes adopts to the following states: Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. However, if you are located in one of these states, but in an area without adequate resources available to the rescue to complete the application process, we reserve the right to deny your application. All of the dogs that come through our rescue are spayed or neutered before being adopted, as well as provided general vet care to include vaccinations. It is the recommendation of the rescue that if you are serious about adoption and prepared to bring a new family member into your home, that you apply and seek approval as soon as possible. If you wait until you see a dog of interest to apply, the dog could be adopted by the time you are approved. Adoption Fee Our adoption fee is $350 for dogs under 1 year of age, $325 for dogs over 1 year of age, and $200 for dogs over the age of 6. The adoption fee for mixes, when available, is $200. All Danes will be spayed or neutered, have all shots, heart worm testing, any needed medical treatment required, placed on flea and heart worm preventative. Full disclosure of the dogs current needs will be forwarded to potential owners. Adoption Requirements The dog must be an inside dog and not spend a lot of time outside without supervision to prevent harm or theft. Great Danes enjoy being with their people and cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. In addition, the dog is NEVER to be tied, staked, chained or on a runner, NO EXCEPTIONS. As well, the dog is never to be transported via the bed of a pickup truck without enclosure, again NO EXCEPTIONS. The family should have a fenced in yard. However, this is not mandatory and will depend upon the dog individually. We will not adopt a dog to someone without a fence if we feel the particular dog could be at risk without such. All animals in the household should be spayed/neutered. All animals in the household should see a vet once a year. The family, as well as current dogs should be willing to travel to meet the new dog. The family must be committed to the care and well-being of the dog, keeping in mind large breeds are more expensive to feed, board, vet, etc. Adoption Procedure Application – We will email this to you upon request. Your application MUST be completed in its entirety to be considered and not having done so could result in being denied. All adults within the potential adoptive home must either appear as an applicant OR sign the application stating agreement to the adoption. You will not be allowed to visit any dog of interest without first completing an application. Phone Interview – Following receipt of the application, a representative of Dames for Danes will follow up with a phone interview. Reference Checks – All references will be checked prior to the home visit. We will contact your vet, as well as your personal references. Keep in mind your vet may require your permission to provide this reference and could contact you regarding such prior to speaking with us and it is your responsibility to provide authorization. Ultimately, we would appreciate you notifying your vet of your application and the fact they can be expecting us to contact them. By doing so, the application process will proceed more smoothly. By not doing so, the application process may cease. Therefore, we advise you to make your vet aware we may be contacting them. Home Visit – A volunteer will visit your home upon scheduling such. We are not looking for dust as we have plenty in our own homes and actually prefer you to do nothing prior to our visit. We are simply looking for any potential problems that you and your new dog may encounter in your home. Your home visit does not mean you have been approved. Approval – After the above steps have been completed, all of your information will be reviewed and a decision will be made about adoption. The entire process should not take any longer than a couple of weeks. If you are approved to adopt, a Dames for Danes representative will help you select the appropriate dog for your family. Contract – For the protection of the dogs we place, you will be required to sign an adoption agreement/contract. If you would like to review this document, it’s yours for the asking and will be emailed to you. The dogs we have taken into our rescue are of utmost importance to us and therefore, we will not compromise their safety by making any exceptions to our policies without serious thought and consideration. An applicant may request an exception, but no guarantees are made or expressed. We reserve the right to refuse an applicant.

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