Pet Shelters in Tennessee

Are you looking for a friendly pet in Tennessee? Are you having trouble finding a loving friend in Tennessee?

Finding a healthy pet can be challenging, especially when you are looking for a specific breed of dogs and cats. It is not safe to buy a pet from private breeders or owners. The risk of adopting an unhealthy or diseased pet is extremely high in such circumstances. That’s why it is best to look in shelters in Tennessee that are not only registered, but operated by experienced caretakers as well.

Pet Shelters is the biggest online pet shelter directory that will help you locate a trusted shelter in Tennessee. The pet shelters in Tennessee are packed with healthy cats and dogs that are ready to move into new homes. These pets are friendly, active, and extremely willing to be part of loving families.

Show these homeless pets some affection by looking for a pet shelter in Tennessee in our pet directory. Pet Shelters believes in promoting the rights of animals and educating people to adopt from pet shelters. By providing a detailed pet shelter directory, we want to make the pet adoption process simpler for everyone.

So, browse our pet directory today and adopt a perfect pet from a shelter in Tennessee.

Latest Pet Shelter Updates

  • Rock Island TN

    We focus on saving animals facing death in local overflowing municipal animal shelters and into our rescue relocation program, provide medical care for unwanted pets, and purchase supplies and equipment to improve the lives of these unfortunate animals.

  • Franklin TN

    Critter Cavalry Rescue (CCR) is focused on rescuing homeless dogs & some special cats from high-kill shelters in Tennessee.

  • Franklin TN 37068

    Heaven Can Wait Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c3 tax exempt, public charity non-profit organization. We take a holistic approach to caring for our dogs, addressing all aspects of their needs, both physical and emotional. Many of our dogs have compromised immune systems and require treatment for heart and kidney diseases, arthritis and joint disease, digestive slowdown, dental disease, cognitive dys

  • Franklin TN

    We are making a difference one dog at a time.

  • Camp Wag, Inc.

    Franklin TN

    Over here at Camp Wag, we go out of our way to create a comfortable and fun space for our canine friends. We started off intending to foster one dog at a time, but were quickly introduced to the huge numbers of homeless, abused, and neglected dogs in our region. On average we were fostering over 50 dogs a year. It was also apparent that the rescue efforts of so many wonderful people were still

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