About Pet Shelters .org

Pet Shelters is a complete online platform for people looking to adopt pets from different pet shelters in the U.S. Take a look into our pet directory and find the best pet shelters in your area. We are dedicated towards promoting pet adoption across the U.S.

Pet Shelters also takes part in pet care, grooming, and nutrition awareness by giving out effective tips to pet owners. We believe in providing a healthy environment and home for pets to live in. We have complete resources to help you search for a pet from a registered pet shelter in any state of the U.S.

Pets belong in homes, close to people where they feel comfortable, joyous, and lively. There are thousands of dogs and cats that are forced to live in shelters, deprived of their basic needs, and the love and affection they deserve. These pets want to play, cuddle, snuggle, run, jump, and be petted, but when they are forced to live in cages, their energy dies out.

So, why not give a pet a chance to be happy again? Why not bring a friendly companion home?

Pet Shelters is your one stop for finding a pet shelter nearest to your home. You can find the name, location, and information about pet shelters in different states at our website. This is a great chance for giving pets another chance to live a happy life. With the help of our directory, it is extremely easy to find and locate any pet shelter that you want to visit.

Why wait when you have found the perfect place to find your new friend?

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to improve the status of animals in the society and provide loving homes to the pets that are caged in the shelters all around the United States.

Our Mission

  • We aim to spread awareness about pet adoption and to help pets find loving families.