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Heaven Can Wait Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c3 tax exempt, public charity non-profit organization. We take a holistic approach to caring for our dogs, addressing all aspects of their needs, both physical and emotional. Many of our dogs have compromised immune systems and require treatment for heart and kidney diseases, arthritis and joint disease, digestive slowdown, dental disease, cognitive dysfunction, thyroid disorders, and cancer. HCW cares for the lifecycle needs of our dogs ranging from preventive care and treatment, well-being care and natural remedies, any required surgeries and other medical treatments, rehabilitation and proper diet. Dogs, like people, are prone to medical problems as they get older. However, with diet, supplements and the right care, many of the conditions can be prevented, delayed or managed, to give our dogs the best possible quality of life for all of their life. Enabling healthy, happy dogs is foundational to active, healthy lives in loving, permanent homes.We are committed to the every dog's needs. Once a dog comes into our program we are committed to it, for life, and responsible for its care. No matter what. We ensure each animal we rescue is examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and receives medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes. Routine vetting includes a comprehensive blood profile, urinalysis, heartworm test, and add on 4Dx for tick borne diseases; Drontal wormer, and external parasite treatment as needed. Then we do whatever the dog needs - dental, x-rays, spay/neuter, heartworm treatment (if positive), etc. We nuture, socialize, exercise, and provide love and good nutrition until their loving, forever home cane me found. We also counsel prospective owners on choosing the appropriate pet; and provide care and training information on each animal we place. If a dog in our care still has a good quality of life, but has medical issues that are difficult for a foster home or adopter to deal with (such as incontinence), they remain in sanctuary with us and we care for their needs. We are fortunate to have an animal care manager who brings a unique blend of 30+ years of knowledge and experience in animal rescue with humane society organizations, rescues, and veterinarians. Her efforts in animal epilepsy have resulted in life-saving treatment and care of hundreds of dogs; and epilepsy advice, counsel and comfort to the families.

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Adoption Process

Please complete all items on the application; incomplete applications will slow the process. All applications are reviewed by our Animal Care Manager (ACM). She will contact you as soon as she receives the application to begin the process. Our goal is to make the best "forever home" match possible based upon the pet's needs. Our ACM is also responsible for veterinarian and home checks, and can answer any questions regarding the pet or adoptions. You can make an appointment with her to meet the pet. In the rare instance that we place a puppy that is too young for spay/neuter surgery, we will charge a refundable deposit and monitor the puppy to make sure it is altered as soon as it old enough. At that time, we will return the deposit to the owner. An adoption contract with HCW will require your signature prior to completing the adoption of your new family member.

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