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Are you having trouble finding a particular breed of dog or cat in New York?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pet Shelters is offering you one of the most extensive pet shelter directories on the internet. With our help and support, you will be able to locate every pet shelter in New York. We offer the most comprehensive directory of pet shelters in New York.

When it comes to pet adoption, many people prefer private breeders because they are unable to find a reliable shelter in New York. You may also visit local shelters in New York and adopt the pet that you like. It will not only cost you less but it will also help save an innocent life.

Thousands of pets are abandoned by owners every year. These pets end up on roads where they get in accidents or catch diseases. Many of these pets die from starvation, waiting for someone to show mercy. The pets that are found on roads are rescued by animal shelters, which are then put up for adoption.

By adopting one of the pets from a shelter in New York, you will help make space for more abandoned pets in the shelters. You will also give a new life to a pet that could’ve been euthanized.


New York NY

AmsterDog Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers that is dedicated to the plight of abandoned animals and those at-risk in shelters through no fault of their own. All donations received provide necessities for placement such veterinary care, rehabilitative training, supplies, transportation, and other related expenses.

Animal Care Centers Of Nyc - Manhattan Animal Care Center

New York NY 10029

Individuals from all over New York City come to Animal Care Centers every day of the week for reasons as diverse as reclaiming lost pets, adopting new furry family members and getting resources to help them keep their pets in homes. We strive to find loving homes for homeless and abandoned cats, dogs, and rabbits, both by adopting animals directly to the public and by partnering with more than 200

Animal Haven

New York NY 10013

Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption. Founded in 1967, we operate an animal shelter in Manhattan. We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people. Animal Haven is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 11-6101487).

Animal Lighthouse Rescue

New York NY

A non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of stray dogs in Puerto Rico, called “satos.” Our team of volunteers in New York City works closely with El Faro de los Animales, a no-kill shelter in Humacao, PR. Our mission is to better the quality of life for abandoned satos by transporting them to New York City, finding them temporary homes within our foster network, making sure they are h

Anjellicle Cats Rescue

New York NY 10101

Anjellicle Cats Rescue (ACR) is an all-volunteer registered 501c3 cat rescue committed to helping make New York a no-kill city. As one of the most active cat rescues in the 5 boroughs, ACR is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and adopting out homeless and abandoned cats, with a focus on shelter and community animals. Many of these felines are sick, injured or dismissed as unadoptable. Through

New York NY 10128

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) was the first humane society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world. Our organization was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. Headquartered in New York City, the ASPCA maintains

Beastly Rescue, Inc.

New York NY

There was once an animal rescue organization called Reefuge. It was founded in 2011 and operated by two women based in New York City. And while its size was small, its goals were big and it quickly grew to have a solid reputation in the rescue community. Over time, the rescue grew to utilize an interstate network of foster homes, and a city-based team of volunteers that dedicated themselves tirele

New York NY 10013

Best Friends Animal Society is on the ground in New York City, helping to save the lives of homeless pets and supporting other organizations in their efforts to make New York no-kill permanently. Every day, more than 1,700 dogs and cats are killed in shelters across the country - but with Best Friends Animal Society leading the way, and your support, we can help our nation's shelters and Save

New York NY 10016

Finding loving homes for rescued animals since 1903. Bideawee’s mission is to create and strengthen the human-animal bond through best-in-class lifesaving and compassionate care for pets and the people who love them.

Big Hands Little Paws

New York NY 10038

Big Hands Little Paws was founded in response to the extraordinary number of homeless, abused and neglected cats and dogs in the Greater New York City area. We understand the plight of these animals cannot be resolved with one narrow step – it takes a broad approach to end this suffering and improve their lives. We believe we can accomplish this through providing direct care and safe environment

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue

New York NY

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of local stray and feral cats in the Bronx and Harlem. We perform Trap-Neuter-Return of stray and feral cats living in managed colonies in our communities, provide medical care for sick and injured feral cats, and rescue friendly strays for adoption to forever homes.

Bull Terrier Rescue Mission, Inc.

New York NY

“Think globally and act locally.” That phrase means more now than in the 1970’s when used about the environment. The internet has amplified people’s ability to be agents of change, making “locally” cast a much wider net. It’s been a boon for “the mission” that started as a personal commitment to service and the nascent predecessor of what is now, The Bull Terrier Rescue Mission,

Bully Project

New York NY

Our mission is to enhance the human-canine bond and build responsible communities through advocacy, rescue, enrichment and education. We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers, each with our own perspective and approach to the homeless pet population crisis in New York City. We’ve come together to support our communities and make a difference one dog and one person at a time. We are a regist

Bunnies And Beyond

New York NY 10010

We are an adoption and educational non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, proper care, and ultimately, the adoption of rabbits and guinea pigs commonly kept as pets. Our goal is to find permanent indoor homes for these animals that have been abandoned or surrendered to the NYC Animal Care Center, providing medical care and a foster home as needed prior to adoption. We also provide servic

New York NY

Cat Castle NYC was founded in 2018 by a cat-loving couple, and has quickly grown to be a network of devoted fosters and supporters! In under a year, CCNYC has helped over 300 cats in New York City, facilitated over 150 adoptions, and has taken in kittens as young as one day and as old as 16 years. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and rely on the generosity of our fellow cat-lovers to keep

New York NY 10013

City Critters is a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 1994. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals in our city by rescuing and placing stray and abandoned cats, promoting spay/neuter programs, and working with members of our community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals. Donations to City Critters are tax deductible to the fullest extent of t

New York NY

East Coast Beagle Rescue helps both shelter dogs and owner surrender dogs to find a new loving permanent home. We only use foster homes for our rescue dogs and we provide food, exercise, and most of all love. We specialize in senior beagles and we also rescue other dog breeds when we can.

New York NY

The Empty Cages Collective (ECC) is a New York-based animal rescue and advocacy organization. ECC aims to cultivate a culture where animals are recognized as fellow sentient beings worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment. Through advocacy, education, hands-on rescue and assistance, the ECC envisions a world free of animal exploitation, abuse, and ecologically destructive behavior.

New York NY

Founded in 2004, "Eve's Sanctuary" is an independent, no-kill, non-profit, all volunteer, animal rescue organization based in New York City. Dealing primarily with cats and dogs in imminent danger, Eve's Sanctuary has rehabilitated and placed countless animals into new homes. Through education sessions, community awareness, street / high risk shelter rescue, and public adoption

Frankie's Fund For Feline Care And Rescue

New York NY

Our mission: To promote the welfare of abandoned elderly and special needs cats by finding homes either through adoption or our senior to senior foster program.

New York NY

New York NY

We are a small group of individuals, trained to do TNR (trap-neuter-return) and feed the feral cats of Harlem. We also try to save as many friendly stray cats in the area as we can. Please help us if you can--foster, adopt, donate!

New York NY 10022

Heart and Hand Society, Inc. is registered as a charity with the IRS, donations are deductible at a 50% rate, as well as with the Attorney General of New York State, Charities Bureau. Our annual report is filed with the NYS Attorney General, and can be viewed by contacting the NYS Attorney General. Our annual reports will also be posted on our website. Every cat's life is important to us, the

New York NY

Hopewell Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned animals, taking them off the streets, away from kill shelters and providing them with care, love, and shelter. Hopewell Rescue works to spread hope to both animals and rescuers by equipping dedicated fosters with the education, financial assistance, and help they need to rescue, rehabilitate, and r

New York NY 10035

The Inky Blue Animal Rescue Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the umbrella of Hands For Paws in Florida. We work alongside other animal rescue organizations in New York City and in Puerto Rico, such as the Humane Society, The Center for Animal Care and Control and Amigos de los Animales. Inky Blue Animal Rescue is an organization committed to the empowerment of youth with a dist

Katie's Kats Island Rescue

New York NY

My name is Kaitlin, I’m a girl in Long Island, New York. I started Rescuing kittens off the streets when I was just ten years old, and ever since I haven’t been able to stop. My love for all animals has definitely grown into respect for who they are and knowledge that they are worth saving. I started Katie’s Kats Island Rescue two years ago because I wanted to be able to save more lives. Thr

New York NY 10003

KittyKind is dedicated to matching our cats with their perfect homes and educating the public on feline welfare in New York City. We have an unwavering commitment to caring for and finding the best adoptive homes for our cats, with a special dedication to those who are deemed “special needs” because of illness, injury, disability, or age. Each year, KittyKind rescues more than 400 cats and mak

New York NY

The Love City Angels organization is about rescuing and healing abandoned animals that need food, shelter and medical attention. We strive on healing every animal that comes our way and providing love, training and a home for each animal. All while we build a no-kill shelter and a farm sanctuary for the animals and support other organizations conducting activities under Section 501 (c) (3) of the

Metropolitan Maltese Rescue

New York NY 10021

Metropolitan Maltese Rescue is a non-profit corporation (501(c) (3)) dedicated to placing homeless Maltese and Maltese-mixes in loving, responsible, permanent homes. Our vision is to be an active partner of a no-kill community where there are no homeless pets. Metropolitan Maltese Rescue (MetroMalts) is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1998 by a group of Maltese dog lovers in New York City

Mighty Mutts & Ollie's Place

New York NY 10276

We are an all-volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the strays of New York City. Each day, thousands of stray dogs and cats are forced to live in our city's streets and alleyways, crawling about these desolate areas for refuge. Alone, starving, and in desperate need of veterinary care, these poor creatures struggle day by day for their very lives. Most are n

Mr. Bones & Co.

New York NY 10010

Founded in 2013, Mr. Bones & Co., is an all-volunteer based 501(c)3 animal welfare non-profit supporting animal rescue and advocacy in our own backyard of New York City, as well as on a national and global level. Our main function is canine rescue, via One Lucky Pup, our signature rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program. While we emphasize Pit Bull rescue we accept all breeds into our prog

Muddy Paws Rescue

New York NY

The mission of Muddy Paws Rescue is to build and support a thriving community of dog-loving humans dedicated to ending unnecessary euthanasia of companion dogs. We do this through shared learning and education, direct lifesaving, and continuous innovation.

Neighborhood Cats Inc.

New York NY 10025

Our Mission: To improve the lives of the millions of cats living on our streets and support the compassionate people caring for them.

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue Inc.

New York NY

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and DE and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands. Most dogs in foster care for placement are adolescent to adult dogs in need of re-homing in life for a multitude of reasons and will need caring hands to guide them as they transition into new homes. All of our rescue dogs are foste

Ny Pet-i-care

New York NY

PET-I-CARE is a grassroots non-profit program of professional and volunteer “Friends of the Program” who give willingly of their time and collective talents to provide shelter, medical care, training and socialization to as many abused and abandoned strays that can be accommodated. Our ultimate goal is to find that exceptional home, where they can feel safe, loved, and become a member of their

New York NY

New York City is home to tens of thousands of stray animals, and this number continues to rise rapidly. Some of these animals have been abandoned by careless pet owners, while others are born to a life on the streets. No matter what their circumstance, the grim reality is - every day, homeless animals struggle to find access to food, shelter and water. They eventually die either from being struck

New York NY

It began by feeding a single can of cat food to a couple of cats by a set of co-op buildings in Astoria, Queens. Then one can turned into two, then four, then six each night. Before I knew it, I was caretaking a colony of cats and that is how I began my quest. Wanting to do something to help them, within a few months I began Trap-Neuter-Return of those cats along with rescuing a litter of four

Place For Cats

New York NY 10150

PLACE FOR CATS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York. We acquired not for profit status in 1994. PLACE FOR CATS has found homes for 1000 strays since 1990. Our roster of foster homes currently accommodates 15 - 25 felines for adoption.

Pound Hounds Res-q

New York NY 10011

Pound Hounds ResQ is a dedicated New York City rescue group responsible for saving countless lives from NYC high kill shelters, and other nearby shelters.

Pupstarz Rescue

New York NY

PupStarz Rescue is an animal welfare group committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and cats in public shelters at high risk of euthanasia, as well as those in danger of abuse. We are committed to rescuing as many animals as possible, saving over 3,100 dogs and cats since 2015. PupStarz Rescue is a foster-based rescue, relying on fosters to open their homes and lives to our Animals. Anim

Ready For Rescue

New York NY

Ready for Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit committed to saving cats and dogs from the streets and shelters of New York City. Each year we rescue more than 100 wonderful cats and dogs. Ready for Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization - every dollar goes to the care and well-being of our animals. We are especially committed to the underdogs and undercats that end up in local kill shelters. We routinel

Rebound Hounds

New York NY

Rebound Hounds believes there's a great home for every dog. How to make that happen is the real work of rescue. We're committed to bringing dogs and guardians together who are right for each other. We do it by knowing the dog and knowing the prospective guardian.

Rescue Dogs Rock Nyc

New York NY 10028

Rescue Dogs Rock is a not for profit animal rescue founded in 2015. We exist solely on donations and rely primarily on fundraising to help animals in need. Our goal is to raise awareness of the ever growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. Way too many amazing animals are euthanized every single day simply because they are homeless. We w


New York NY 10028

Our Mission: To empower NYC's rescue community with targeted adoption support, services to defer or facilitate pet surrenders, and resources for community cat caretakers performing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), in a collaborative effort to save more lives throughout the city. Core Objectives: Increase number of adoptions throughout NYC; Increase resources for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of Community

New York NY 10023

Rescuzilla Animal Rescue of NYC is a 501(c)3 non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless pets through rescue, adoption, and spay/neuter assistance. As an all-volunteer group, all funding goes directly toward our mission to save dogs. FOSTER. ADOPT. SAVE.®

Shelter Chic

New York NY

Shelter Chic is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming shelter dogs and cats, taking away the stigma associated with animal shelters and their residents, and promoting animal adoption in a fun, positive, and inviting way.

Social Tees Animal Rescue

New York NY 10009

Social Tees Animal Rescue is a non-profit (501c3 ) no-kill rescue in NYC finding forever homes for abandoned dogs and cats. We are a foster-based, community oriented organization founded on the principles of responsible pet ownership and creating a supportive environment for our staff and volunteers. Ensuring access to thorough veterinary treatment and the wellbeing of our animals are our highest

Stray From The Heart

New York NY 10024

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for homeless, abused or neglected dogs, regardless of where they are born. We strive to create a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends.

The Animal Project

New York NY

The Animal Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and adoption group in New York City, based in Washington Heights. It has been run by Carol Moon and volunteers for over 10 years. We are partnered with the Petco Foundation and are dedicated to finding wonderful homes for cats, kittens and sometimes the occasional rabbit. In 2018 alone, we helped find permanent homes for over 300 cats than

New York NY 10465

Poor Animals of St. Francis Inc. was established to provide responsible, permanent, loving homes to healthy pets and to maintain their health and well being.

New York NY

We are an all-woman run, foster-based, animal rescue and advocacy organization based in New York. Together, our members bring to the group decades of experience in rescuing, rehabbing, and finding homes for some of the most routinely overlooked, mistreated, and exploited animals - ducks and chickens. Domestic fowl suffer by the billions each year, with few people advocating on their behalf or even

Waggytail Rescue

New York NY

A small dog and cat rescue based in New York City (NYC) and dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of small breed dogs and other animals in need.

Wahi Cats (washington Heights Cat Colony)

New York NY

The Washington Heights Cat Colony (aka "WaHi Cats") is an all-volunteer, non-profit TNR (trap-neuter-return) group located in upper Manhattan. We are dedicated to humanely reducing the local feral cat population by using the TNR method; to educating the surrounding community about the benefits of TNR programs; to placing adoptable cats and kittens from cat colonies in homes where possibl

Woof Dog Rescue Inc.

New York NY 10022

I created Woof! Rescue in 2005 to help address the plight of homeless, abused, sick, injured, stray, and abandoned dogs and cats surrendered to Animal Care and Control(ACC) - the New York City shelter system.

Zanis Furry Friends Zff, Inc

New York NY

Zani’s Furry Friends ZFF, Inc is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing companion animals from New York City shelters where, unfortunately, they are at significant risk for euthanasia due to overcrowding. Beyond directly helping the animals we save, their rescue creates space at the shelter - thus giving another shelter cat or dog an opportunity to await a chance for adoption or rescue

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