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Are you having trouble finding a particular breed of dog or cat in Birmingham?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pet Shelters is offering you one of the most extensive pet shelter directories on the internet. With our help and support, you will be able to locate every pet shelter in Birmingham. We offer the most comprehensive directory of pet shelters in Birmingham.

When it comes to pet adoption, many people prefer private breeders because they are unable to find a reliable shelter in Birmingham. You may also visit local shelters in Birmingham and adopt the pet that you like. It will not only cost you less but it will also help save an innocent life.

Thousands of pets are abandoned by owners every year. These pets end up on roads where they get in accidents or catch diseases. Many of these pets die from starvation, waiting for someone to show mercy. The pets that are found on roads are rescued by animal shelters, which are then put up for adoption.

By adopting one of the pets from a shelter in Birmingham, you will help make space for more abandoned pets in the shelters. You will also give a new life to a pet that could’ve been euthanized.

Birmingham AL 35236

AGB takes in dogs from Birmingham and surrounding areas (and in some cases States). Every dog goes through a wellness check with our veterinarians. Vaccinations, neutering and spaying, heartworm treatment and any other medical issues are all dealt with where needed. Dogs placed in our system are evaluated not just for health but also for temperament with our experienced dog trainers. It is our goa

Advanced Vet Care of Vestavia

Birmingham AL 35243 

Advanced Vet Care is proud to serve the Vestavia AL area for everything pet related. Our veterinary clinic is run by Dr. Tammy Stumpff, DVM, Jenny Biehunko, DVM, who are a licensed, experienced veterinarians with over 25 years combined experience. Our top notch team is committed to providing our community with convenient, compassionate veterinary care, with an emphasis on preventative medicine.

Alabama Animal Rescue

Birmingham AL 35242

Alabama Animal Rescue is a 501c3 not for profit rescue designed to give abandoned animals a chance to have a life and family to love. Animals on this site are at a local veterinarians office, in a foster home or in a shelter.  All adoptions through AARescue must be approved.  We take pet adoptions very seriously. These precious animals have been through a lot so we try to make sure the next h

Alabama EARS

Birmingham AL 35213

Alabama EARS is a chapter of the House Rabbit Society, dedicated to the rescue of abused and neglected rabbits and educating the public on rabbit health, behavior, and care. We rescue rabbits from shelters, have them spayed or neutered, litterbox train them, socialize them, learn about their personality, then look for permanent, loving homes to adopt them.

Birmingham AL 35222

BhamBTR is a premier 501(C)(3) non-profit status organization whose goal is to rescue Boston Terriers in need, assess and stabilize their health and emotional needs, find the best homes possible for them, provide information for pet owners in an effort to prevent these dogs from needing rescue in the future, and to work smoothly in conjunction with other rescuers. Since we are entirely run by volu

BJC Animal Control Services

Birmingham AL 35212

BJC’s mission is to actively preserve, protect and enhance the health, safety and comfort of the citizens of Jefferson County by taking violent, injured or at-large animals off the streets to keep the community free from potentially threatening nuisances. Funded by local and county tax dollars, BJC cares for the stray animal population and controls the risk of rabies in the community through imp

Cahaba Mountain Brook Animal Clinic

Birmingham AL 35243

Cahaba Mountain Brook Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital. We treat all types of dogs and cats. The clinic has been family owned and operated since 1968. We also have pets for adoption. We take very good care of all of our adoptable pets until they find their forever homes. We provide state of the art diagnostic and treament services including wellness care, radiographs, in house b

Greater Birmingham Humane Society 

Birmingham AL 35209

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society, founded in 1883, is the largest and oldest humane society in Alabama. Over the course of our history we have witnessed the changes in our community and yet have never left the original mission of Dr. Phillips "to promote respect for life through education and prevention of cruelty to animals and people". The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is an o

Have a Heart Animal Rescue

Birmingham AL 35266-0766

Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. We are a small local animal rescue group. We function solely on donations and volunteer foster homes. We post our animals on a virtual kennel and set up appointments with foster homes to meet the animals. We do not have a facility. We are primarily cats and kittens but do have a few dogs from time to time in our res

Birmingham AL 35209

K9 ResQ of AL is a volunteer based animal rescue located in Birmingham, Alabama. We are able to function solely through a network of individual foster homes and donations. K9 ResQ of AL advocates responsible pet ownership by offering advice and resources to provide proper vetting, spaying and neutering and training. We work with various shelters in Alabama and the public in an attempt to find lovi

Birmingham AL 35244

Metro Cat Clinic believes cats are best treated in a low-stress environment free of barking dogs and dog odors. We also believe each cat and client should be treated as we ourselves would want our pets and ourselves treated in similar situations. Metro Cat Clinic is dedicated to good medicine, diagnostics, and "bed side manner." At Metro Cat Clinic we do have a few cats who are up for a

Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. 

Birmingham AL 35243 

Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. was incorporated on Feb 11, 2010 as a Non-Profit Alabama Corporation. We are comprised up of volunteers who have a love for dogs and a passion to help save their lives! We depend on our volunteers more than you can imagine, and are so grateful for their commitment to rescue dogs and help pave a path to their new life! We cannot answer each dog's cry for

Birmingham AL 35023

We are a group of people that is a volunteer-run organization wanting to make our mission to finding homes for animals that have been neglected, abandonded, abused or fallen victim to other situations in their lives. We want all of our rescued animals to have the best quality of life possible, along with medical care, patience, understanding and lots of love. We do hope that you will support us in

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc.

Birmingham AL 35242

SLR, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue Organization devoted to finding homes for all Miniature Schnauzers. We help abandoned and unwanted dogs and those whose families need to relinquish their pet. We take great pride in our "Family Match Program" where we place available pets with the family that matches that pet the best. Sometimes it takes more time, more travel, and more work, b

SOS Beagle Rescue 

Birmingham AL 35266

SOS (Save Our Snoopies) Beagle Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of abandoned and neglected beagles. SOS Beagle Rescue, Inc. was founded in New Jersey in 1991. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt, ALL VOLUNTEER organization, and was one of the first beagle rescues of its kind in the country. We now have three chapters, in New Jersey, Tennessee and Alabama. SOS Beagle

Weimaraner Rescue of the South 

Birmingham AL 35242

Weimaraner Rescue of the South has been operating for over ten years as a 501c3 non profit all volunteer non profit organization existing for the sole purpose of taking in homeless and abandoned Weimaraners and finding them appropriate and forever homes. This is no easy task. Weimaraners are not the proper choice for the majority of people who purchase those adorable grey puppies with sapphire blu

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