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Are you looking for a friendly pet in New Jersey? Are you having trouble finding a loving friend in New Jersey?

Finding a healthy pet can be challenging, especially when you are looking for a specific breed of dogs and cats. It is not safe to buy a pet from private breeders or owners. The risk of adopting an unhealthy or diseased pet is extremely high in such circumstances. That’s why it is best to look in shelters in New Jersey that are not only registered, but operated by experienced caretakers as well.

Pet Shelters is the biggest online pet shelter directory that will help you locate a trusted shelter in New Jersey. The pet shelters in New Jersey are packed with healthy cats and dogs that are ready to move into new homes. These pets are friendly, active, and extremely willing to be part of loving families.

Show these homeless pets some affection by looking for a pet shelter in New Jersey in our pet directory. Pet Shelters believes in promoting the rights of animals and educating people to adopt from pet shelters. By providing a detailed pet shelter directory, we want to make the pet adoption process simpler for everyone.

So, browse our pet directory today and adopt a perfect pet from a shelter in New Jersey.

Latest Pet Shelter Updates

  • Runnemede NJ 08078

    PetPALS of Southern New Jersey was organized in Audubon, New Jersey by a group of volunteers seeking to provide simple, direct services to men, women and children living with chronic or terminal illnesses, and to increase awareness in the general population on issues about pets and other serious illnesses.

  • Under My Wing Avian Refuge

    Wantage NJ 07461

    Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a “No-Kill” exotic bird sanctuary. Founded in 2007, it is a permanent residential facility for exotic birds and a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. We are best recognized by our community as “The North Jersey Sanctuary for Exotic Birds.” We provide excellent, knowledgeable care and specialize in working with birds that are aggressive towards humans, very noisy,

  • Butler NJ 07405

    Tri-Boro Animal Welfare is a private, non profit, volunteer, animal welfare/adoption organization serving Butler, New Jersey and its surrounding communities since 1974. We pride ourselves on the personal care we give each animal. Tri-Boro Animal Welfare offers both dogs and cats for adoption. Our adoption program seeks to match the adopter and the animal so that the relationship will be mutually

  • New Village NJ 08808

    Common Sense for Animals is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 by Robert R. Blease, D.V.M. Our goal is to bring together people who share a certain common sense or fundamental principles regarding our heritage, and freedom of choice regarding food producing animals, companion pets, wildlife, research animals and the environment. We are not animal rightists. Instead Common Sense for

  • Ocean City NJ 08226

    The Humane Society of Ocean City is a private, non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization located in Ocean City, New Jersey. HSOC operates a “No-Kill” Adoption Center and Veterinary Center, offering affordable veterinary services and spay/neuter clinics.Since 1964, HSOC has proudly served Ocean City and surrounding communities. Our Adoption Center has rescued and cared for many stray and abandoned pe

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