Pet Shelters in Arkansas

Are you looking for a friendly pet in Arkansas? Are you having trouble finding a loving friend in Arkansas?

Finding a healthy pet can be challenging, especially when you are looking for a specific breed of dogs and cats. It is not safe to buy a pet from private breeders or owners. The risk of adopting an unhealthy or diseased pet is extremely high in such circumstances. That’s why it is best to look in shelters in Arkansas that are not only registered, but operated by experienced caretakers as well.

Pet Shelters is the biggest online pet shelter directory that will help you locate a trusted shelter in Arkansas. The pet shelters in Arkansas are packed with healthy cats and dogs that are ready to move into new homes. These pets are friendly, active, and extremely willing to be part of loving families.

Show these homeless pets some affection by looking for a pet shelter in Arkansas in our pet directory. Pet Shelters believes in promoting the rights of animals and educating people to adopt from pet shelters. By providing a detailed pet shelter directory, we want to make the pet adoption process simpler for everyone.

So, browse our pet directory today and adopt a perfect pet from a shelter in Arkansas.

Latest Pet Shelter Updates

  • Angels Heart Puppy Rescue

    Conway AR 72032

    We are a 501c3 non profit rescue we pull endangered dogs and puppies from shelters and rescue surrendered or abandoned dogs and puppies. We then get these dogs and puppies fully vetted and spayed or neutered, we then find them their loving forever homes. I firmly believe all animals deserve a loving caring home. We do our best to match the dogs and puppies to the best home for them and their fa

  • Hope Fur Paws Rescue

    Lonsdale AR

    Our mission at Hope Fur Paws Rescue is to help any abandoned, injured, or lost dog or cat. We take in any size or age! The dogs/cats are evaluated, fully vetted, spayed/neutered and then put up for adoption!

  • Bauxite AR

    Southern Hearts Rescue answers calls from all over the state of Arkansas to rescue lost or abandoned animals, and sometimes we receive calls for help from other states. Southern Hearts Rescue helps with search and rescue of injured animals and relocates nuisance animals using humane traps. The Rescue is its own facility of 1200 square feet, both heated and cooled, with several fenced areas outside

  • Jacksonville AR

    Our main priority is to save cats and kittens in Central AR that are in danger due to colony overpopulation, lack of resources and medical care, or have no access to basic food and shelter.

  • Conway AR

    In 2015, after a few chance encounters with Colorado Beagle Rescue, I started gravitating my own personal rescue work more toward this breed who has a unique need. Most people assume our rescue work is rooted in our love for these silly little dogs, and while I do adore them, our work is based more on need than on love. Few people know what a vicious cycle the life of a stray hunting dog can be, b

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