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We are an animal rescue group in Indianapolis, Indiana as of February 2009. Our Articles of Incorporation are on file with the Indiana Secretary of State and we have been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization eligible to receive tax deductible donations. IndyCLAW is an all volunteer, exotic pet rescue focusing primarily on pet rabbits (indoor house rabbits that have been spayed / neutered). While our intent is to take in, vet and litter train abandoned / surrendered domestic rabbits to be adopted into a home, we do have a few that are not adoptable and will be shelter rabbits until they pass naturally. All of our rabbits are kept indoors and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time to cleaning bunny condos and litter boxes, as well as general rabbit care, feeding and grooming. We will, from time to time, take on a bird, cat or dog that crosses our path and have those available for adoption once they've been vetted. We do not do wildlife as that requires a DNR permit; please go to the DNR website for a list of licensed rehabbers. We are considered a no kill shelter and only euthanize when necessary for health reasons and then humanely, by a licensed vet.

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Adoption Process

IndyCLAW Rescue is dedicated to finding the best possible home for our adoptable pets. Our motto is also our mission statement, Creating Life-long Animal Welfare. Our process is intentionally involved and takes time to make sure the adopter is committed to their new companion and will not have 'buyer's remorse' later and regret the decision and neglect the social needs of the pet. Our process begins with an application for adoption. If approved, you will be invited to visit our shelter to meet your desired new companion and for us to meet you. Many times we find that the pet you saw on the adoption listing isn't the one that you finally select. If all goes well, we schedule a home visit and will bring your selected pet to you. Our goal is to insure that their new environment will provide for their needs and provide a habitat for their 'life-long welfare'. We would then leave the pet for a 'sleep-over' trial period of a few days to make sure that it will fit into its new home and insure there will not be allergies or other conflicts. If all goes well, the adoption is finalized; if not, the pet would be returned to the shelter.

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