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Humane Society For Hamilton County

The HSHC was established as a not-for-profit organization on July 19, 1984, to provide a safe haven for the unwanted animals of Hamilton County. It wasn’t until May 1985, that the HSHC opened its first shelter in a former vet clinic located at 196th Street & U.S. 31 North. One year later, the shelter closed for financial reasons although 1,000 animals passed through its doors that year. In March 1989, supporters and volunteers raised enough funds to establish a business office in downtown Noblesville that later moved to the city’s west side. Volunteers ran the business office, established an adoption program and continued to raise funds for a new animal shelter. On April 1, 1992, ground was broken at the 18102 Cumberland Road location in Noblesville. On January 10, 1993, the doors opened welcoming the county’s lost and unwanted animals. On October 16, 2006, we moved into our current facility at 1721 Pleasant Street which was funded by Hamilton County.

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  • 1721 Pleasant St
    Noblesville, IN 46060
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  • (317) 773-4974
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  • Hamilton County

Adoption Process

Step 1: Fill out an application and pay the adoption fee for the animal you've selected. Adoption fees range between $45 and $250 depending on the age, size and breed of the animal. Please note that some pets may have an increased adoption fee if they are part of our Survivor Program, while others may have a discounted fee if they have been at the shelter for an extended period of time or have special medical needs. Please note we do offer discounts on our adoptions fees in many cases depending on how long the animal has been at the shelter, and we usually feature a monthly adoption special. You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a pet. Special Breed adoptions that require adopters be at least 21 years old. (e.g., Pit Bulls - including mixes, Rottweilers, Akitas, German Shepherds, Shar Peis, Dobermans, Bull Mastiffs, Huskys, Chow Chows). Please note that some special breed or special needs adoptions may require a home visit. We must be able to verify home ownership or verify that you are allowed to have pets by your landlord. Regardless of your age, if you live with a parent or guardian, they must be present at the point of adoption and will be asked to complete the adoption application. You must have a personal phone number (e.g. home phone, personal cell phone), and a copy of your driver's license or State ID. If you currently have a dog(s), we do require that you bring them in for an introduction before taking home your new family member. This is required for dog adoptions only. If you’re driving a long distance to visit our shelter, it might be a good idea to bring your dog with you so you’ll be prepared should you decide to adopt a new pet. There is a play yard at the shelter that we use to help introduce pets for the first time. Staff members can help the family with this initial introduction, which makes everything smoother on the day your new pet comes home. If you have children (under the age of 16), we require that they too be introduced to any prospective new pets to ensure compatibility. Some exceptions may apply for cat adoptions. Due to the personal nature of choosing the right pet and the lifetime responsibility that follows, we do not allow pets to be purchased as gifts (unless it is for children living in your household - however introduction requirements above still apply). Gift certificates are available for purchase at the front desk. We require that all pets in your home be spayed or neutered prior to adopting a new pet from our facility. Exceptions may be made in the following circumstances: You can provide documentation from your veterinarian citing health reasons preventing the spay or neuter of your pet. Your pet is under 6 months of age and adopting parties agree the procedure will be completed by the time the animal is 6 months old. You have obtained and can provide proof that you have a Hamilton County Breeder's Permit. Your dog or cat is a "show" animal and you have documentation to prove that. Step 2: Your application will be processed by an Adoption Counselor, and you may pick up your pet the same day upon approval of your application if all steps above have been completed and your new pet is already spayed or neutered. If your new pet is not yet spayed or neutered, we will set up an appointment with one of our participating veterinarians and you may pick them up from the vet the day the surgery is completed. A list of participating vets and locations will be provided to you to choose from at the point of adoption. If additional time is required to allow your family time to prepare for your new pet, you can place a pet on HOLD for 24 hours provided the adoption fee has been paid in full and all other requirements have been met. NOTE: HSHC management reserves the right to deny any application if it is deemed in the best interest of the animal and/or parties involved

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