To boot, owning a mutt is definitely a wonderful thing. Most people are aware of the fact that dogs do not only provide endless affection and lifelong companionship, they have also been perceived to help their owners reduce stress and lower blood pressure. What is more, dogs will ensure that their masters get out and take walks on a regular basis. In actuality, living with a pooch has also been famed to help bolster confidence as well as social skills of both adults and children.

For this reason, the decision to bring home a new member is deemed as quite substantial and must not be taken lightly. Indeed, canines come in all sizes and shapes and the reality is that not all breeds are the same. Some breeds may be inclined to living with a family while other breeds require more regular physical activities as compared to others. Likewise, others require bigger spaces so they could easily feel at home while there are others that can just do fine in an apartment.

Prior adopting or purchasing a dog, it is fundamental to consider if you really want to have one. It is must to ask yourself with a few questions regarding pet ownership. Are you willing to spend as much time as you can with your new pet? Are you okay with regularly walking your dog? Are you willing to wake up earlier to walk your dog out? Are you financially ready to own a pet? Are you fine with cleaning and dealing with mess? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before plunging in pet ownership. While it is true that owning a pet can be worthwhile, still, you must be one hundred percent ready to provide the pet with all the affection, attention and other necessities it requires.

What are the factors to contemplate on when selecting the right dog breed for you and your loved ones?

It is worthy of note that there are a few factors to ponder on when selecting the right dog breed for you and your family. These factors consist of size, temperament, preferences and need of individual members of the family and the cost.

For a fact, one of the greatest mishaps when it comes to all dog breeds is that a lot of adult pooches are abandoned after outgrowing puppyhood. While it is a fact that all puppies are playful, cute, tiny in size and friendly, they also grow up.

Further, through carefully considering the adult size, temperament, suitability to all members of the family and of course financial requirements, potential owners are accountable for the decision they make and choose a suitable companion that shall remain as a very valuable member of the family for many years to come.

Be reminded that when it comes to selecting a puppy, it is usually very crucial to research about the dog you’re considering. More than that, whether you prefer to adopt one from a breed rescue center, from an animal shelter or from a breeder, always be advised that the journey cannot fully come into existence till the type of mutt you are searching for has been decided on.





Rabies is quite known for being mammals’ viral disease that extremely harms the brain as well as the nervous system and this can actually be fatal. This is typically found in skunks, bats, foxes and raccoons. In addition, unvaccinated livestock or pets could be infected as well. Once a person is bitten by an animal with rabies, he or she can also be infected with the viral disease. The sad part is that once rabies is not treated, the illness starts weeks to months later.

What is more, the initial symptoms may comprise of body aches, weakness, fever and headache. It is essential to note that the illness expeditiously aggravates with agitation, confusion as well as sleeplessness.  The person infected may also suffer from difficulty in swallowing mainly because the muscles located in the throat are also affected. At this rate, death generally takes place within a few days.

On the other hand, the good news is that this viral disease can be warded off in people through quick treatment following exposure to the said virus.

How can a person be exposed to Rabies?

A person can be exposed to this viral disease once he or she is bitten by an animal that’s infected. Please be guided that it is also possible to be infected with rabies if the membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes or your fresh cuts, scratches and wounds come in contact with the saliva of an infected pet or animal.

You cannot easily tell if your pet or animal is infected with rabies through merely a simple observation. In reality, indications in a pet or animal that should lead you to speculate that it may be virulent are:

  • Foaming at the mouth or excessive salivation
  • Aggressiveness
  • Nervousness
  • Aberrant behaviors like pets or animals which are normally active at night being observed during the day or wild pets or animals losing their fears to people. Keep in mind that crazed pets or animals may not act sick or appear ill.

How to protect your pets?

It is quite pivotal to ensure that your pets, livestock and ferrets are immunized against rabies. In the same way, it is imperative to keep their rabies shots updated. Take into account that even pets like cats and dogs kept indoors can encounter a virulent bat inside the home.

Likewise, as much as possible, eliminate the possibilities that your cat or dog may come into contact with wildlife. It is not advised to let your pets roam around without their supervision. Consider contacting your vet if you suspect that your cat or dog has potentially been exposed to rabies.

It is worth mentioning that cats and canines that come into frequent contact with wildlife are known to be at a greater peril for the viral disease. So, this only means to say that inoculations to safeguard against pets as well as their owners are highly effective.

Where can you possibly find assistance regarding this viral disease?

  • Your veterinarian
  • Your Local health department
  • Animal Control
  • Your Healthcare Provider



Dogs are people’s best friends, and like good friends, the relationship is cultivated and nurtured over time. The way you bond with a dog may be similar or different to any other kind of relationship. Dogs want to feel appreciated; they value rewarding but hate too much talking. So, as a caring dog owner who probably want to be as close to her dog as possible, read the article below for good tips.


If you love playing with pets, adopting a kitten might be your best choice. Cats and especially their young ones love to play a lot, but as they grow up, their love for play reduces depending on the relationship you build with them. It is however easy to bond with a cat only if you dedicate at least one hour a day to spend some time with him.


There is nothing as disturbing to a pet owner as having an itchy pet. Take for instance when a dog starts to scratch itself back and forth while at times blowing fur onto your belongings. You probably feel you can throw her away. But you love her anyway, and you know that you want the scratching to stop. Your quick reaction might be to give the pet a cleaning, spray it with anti-parasite sprays or call your vet for help. But when the first two options can’t give you a solution to the problem, the cause might be allergies.


For a long time now, people have been adopting all sorts of birds as pets. Not all birds can be domesticated however, especially the tertiary consumers. The small birds like budgies are thus the best option for someone looking for a pet that is neither a dog nor a cat.


Dogs can stop breathing for many reasons, but if it not because of death, there are several things you can do to help him or her. The main cause of difficult breathing in dogs is a stuck object in the animal’s throat. Balls, toys and bones are the main culprits here and they can be very discomforting and life threatening if the pet is not taken care of as soon as possible. Learn how you can stop the choking and preferably prevent a need to involve vets.


Pets just like human beings require food, water, shelter and identification, potty training, health care, grooming and exercise. Not to mention, they need lots of love and caress too. Keep in mind that your pet is also a very important member of the family and it is just right to do whatever you can in order to keep it happy and healthy all the time.