Apps That Help Determine Your Mutt’s Genealogy

If you have taken a dog into your home from friend, acquaintance, shelter, or a rescue, chances are high that the dog is considered a mutt. A mutt is mixture of breeds which takes them out of the purebred category. Purebred dogs have lineage that can be traced back. What if you are curious about what your mutt is mixed with? Knowing the breed of your dog can help you determine how big they will get, potential health issues, and identifying characteristics. The most accurate way to find out this information is through companies that take a sample from your dog that identify the potential breeds. These tests are very expensive and not affordable for every pet owner. Luckily, there are a few apps through your computer, tablet, or smart phone that allow you to help identify your dog’s breed(s) as accurately as possible without paying the high costs. The accuracy isn’t completely guaranteed, but the results are significant enough to show you the possibilities. There are several other apps on the market that help determine your mix breed’s genealogy in various app stores, but the following have shown a lot of growth through veterinarian and scientific research, testing, and advanced computer systems.

  • What’s My Mutt?

This app is only available on Apple devices currently but will be progressing into android devices soon. Little Rock, Arkansas veterinarian Dr. Lauren Schluterman created this app to help her clients find a less expensive way to determine their mutt’s genealogy without expensive DNA testing. The app give illustrated versions of dogs with seven steps that highlight characteristics. Three purebred results with short descriptions are given after choosing your dog’s features. The app costs 99 cents in the iTunes store with a portion of the proceeds going towards Last Hope K9 Rescue. The organization and the team behind the app are helping shelters and rescue groups classify mix breed dogs to improve the adoption process.

  • Fetch!

This app is available on Android and iOS, using technology that crosses several networks to determine breeds. Fetch uses photos uploaded by the user to determine what your mutt’s combined breeds are. Results of your photo testing can be shared on social media and learn more about your dog’s mixture of breeds. You can download this app through the iTunes store and Google Play.

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