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Are you having trouble finding a particular breed of dog or cat in Philadelphia?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pet Shelters is offering you one of the most extensive pet shelter directories on the internet. With our help and support, you will be able to locate every pet shelter in Philadelphia. We offer the most comprehensive directory of pet shelters in Philadelphia.

When it comes to pet adoption, many people prefer private breeders because they are unable to find a reliable shelter in Philadelphia. You may also visit local shelters in Philadelphia and adopt the pet that you like. It will not only cost you less but it will also help save an innocent life.

Thousands of pets are abandoned by owners every year. These pets end up on roads where they get in accidents or catch diseases. Many of these pets die from starvation, waiting for someone to show mercy. The pets that are found on roads are rescued by animal shelters, which are then put up for adoption.

By adopting one of the pets from a shelter in Philadelphia, you will help make space for more abandoned pets in the shelters. You will also give a new life to a pet that could’ve been euthanized.

Acct Philly Main Adoption Center

Philadelphia PA 19140

ACCT Philly is the region’s largest animal care and control service provider, serving the City of Philadelphia by contract. ACCT Philly offers adoption, foster and volunteer programs as well as owner surrender prevention resources. Located in North Philadelphia, it takes in nearly 18,000 animals annually, from dogs and cats, to small animals, reptiles, birds and wildlife. ​​​​​​​AC

Philadelphia PA 19119

Animal Rescue Network (ARN) is an alliance of individuals primarily from northwest Philadelphia who are devoted to animals. Working on their own for years, individuals found themselves rescuing animals from all kinds of hazardous and neglectful situations. Animals were sheltered, treated medically, spayed or neutered, trained, and placed in suitable homes at the expense of the rescuer. As members

Brenda's Cat Rescue

Philadelphia PA 19128

Brenda's Cat Rescue was founded by Brenda Malinics, a well-respected animal advocate in the Philadelphia area. With a small group of volunteers and completely self-funded, we rescue stray and abandoned cats primarily in North and Northwest Philadelphia, provide for their vet care, and work to place them in great forever homes.

Philadelphia PA

In the fall of 2005, Cares4Pets became a Philadelphia rescue group that adopts animals out across the Philadelphia area. Each of our animals is in a loving foster home.

Charlie's Army

Philadelphia PA

Charlie's Army is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We are a small, independent, animal rescue located in Philadelphia, PA. Our animals often come to us in their greatest time of need: found living on the streets and eating garbage, orphaned kittens that have been abandoned by their mother and who are starving, kittens left in boxes in freezing cold weather, and rescued from the ci

Fishtails Animal Rescue

Philadelphia PA 19125

Fishtails Animal Rescue provides medical services to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals. We pull animals from local high-volume shelters that would normally be deemed ‘unadoptable’ due to urgent medical needs or concerns, provide them with necessary medical treatments, and send them to temporary, loving foster care until they find their forever homes.

Philadelphia PA

Furry Tales International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that dedicates time and resources to rescue and find forever homes for the pets in need. Many countries around the world have an abundance of stray pets on the streets and in the overflowing shelters. These helpless dogs and cats have no hope for adoption and many of them get put down without ever feeling loved. Currently hundreds of

Philadelphia PA 19115

German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania ("GSR-SP") was formed as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation in early-1999. Many of the people involved in GSR-SP were formerly involved with one or more other German Shepherd rescue organizations. GSR-SP came into existence in order to address the need to provide a rescue network to shelters in the Philadelphia and immediate surroundi

Philadelphia PA 19130

Green Street Rescue (GSR) is a non-profit (501c3) located in Philadelphia. We are focused on rescuing stray and homeless cats and practicing TNRM ( Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage) for the feral cats in the city. Our mission also includes finding foster homes and eventual adoptions for the friendly rescues. If you are caring for an outdoor cat or colony of cats, we can help you with information and s

Hart 2 Heart Animal Rescue

Philadelphia PA 19111

The Hart 2 Heart story begins almost 30 years ago when founders Sharon Doyle and Michael Hart were living parallel lives doing animal rescue. As a former law enforcement officer, Sharon had seen the worst of animal cruelty and neglect, as well as the numbers of strays or lost animals that were transported to local shelters where they were never claimed. To Sharon, that was a fate worse than death.

Philadelphia PA 19114

Justice Rescue is a PA based 501c3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing animals from abuse and neglect.

Kitten Snatchers

Philadelphia PA

Kitten Snatchers is a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing Philadelphia's stray cats and kittens. Founded in 2020, we provide foster homes to cats found on the street or surrendered to ACCT, and we care for them until they can find their "fur"ever homes. Our success is only made possible thanks to the hard work of our team of experienced and new fosters who op

Luv-n-bunns Rabbit Rescue

Philadelphia PA

The Mission of Luv-N-Bunns: Rescue domestic rabbits from abandoned stray situations, kill shelters, private relinquishments and hoarding cases. Provide nurturing foster homes that will ensure proper care, shelter and love for each animal in our foster network. Provide necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter surgery. Screen applications to find perfect forever homes for each rabbit that we

Meraki Animal Sanctuary

Philadelphia PA

Meraki Animal Sanctuary is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit dedicated to proving a peaceful, home-like environment for animals in need of love. Our mission is to restore them to emotional and physical well-being while preparing them for their forever home.

Mobilization For Animals Pa

Philadelphia PA

Mobilization for Animals PA, Inc. (MFA PA) is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization educating the public about ethical, health and environmental issues surrounding our treatment of nonhuman animals. We work to stop the abuse and killing of animals who are used for food, hunted for sport, exploited for entertainment, bred for pet shops, or are homeless.

Philadelphia PA 19147

Founded in 1874, the Morris Animal Refuge is a pioneer in Animal Welfare. The Philadelphia-based life saving 501(c)(3) organization is committed to adoption, education, and high-quality care with the goal of finding positive and humane outcomes for animals in need. Morris Animal Refuge provides care for a wide range of animals, from those ready for placement in a new home to those exhibiting behav

National Greyhound Adoption Program

Philadelphia PA 19154

National Greyhound Adoption Program was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1989. Our main goals are, and always have been: To help find loving, adoptive homes for former racing greyhound dogs. To provide superior knowledge and support for greyhound dog adopters and other adoption groups. To educate the public and spread awareness about the plight of the greyhound. To provide specialized medical care s

Philadelphia PA 19115

At Northeast Animal Rescue, we are dedicated to saving homeless, unwanted and abandoned cats. NAR focuses on having feral (wild) cats spayed or neutered to decrease overpopulation. In the process of helping feral cats, we come across many who are friendly. Our goal is to place these cats in stable, loving homes where they will be cared for and never be abandoned, abused or neglected. We at NAR wan

Philadelphia PA 19106

PAWS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless and at-risk pets. PAWS is the city’s largest rescue partner and provider of affordable, basic veterinary care for pet owners and rescue organizations that cannot otherwise access it. Each year, PAWS finds loving homes for thousands of animals in need, and enables thousands of families to keep their cherished

Philadelphia PA 19134

What’s in a name? Well, it turns out - a lot! It is surprising to many that the Pennsylvania SPCA is not associated with the ASPCA or any other SPCAs throughout the state or country. The ASPCA does not serve as a governing body, and though we are all partnering at times to improve animal welfare, we are not formally attached to one another. We are all our own nonprofit with individual missions.

Philadelphia PA 19149

PRR is a small all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 pet rat rescue and advocacy group. We exist to help abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless pet rats. We also sponsor the St Francis Rat Sanctuary for elderly/very ill/disabled rats.

Philly Rescue Angels Inc.

Philadelphia PA

Philly Rescue Angels Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Pennsylvania. Our Mission is to save the lives of dogs and dogs that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. Our organization allows us to rescue, evaluate, and rehabilitate animals, and place them into forever homes through our program. Our rescue and behavioral training programs maintain relationships with adopters

Philadelphia PA

Founded in 2007, Project MEOW is an all-volunteer, non-profit* animal welfare group that provides services to help people care for stray and feral cats in West Philadelphia. Our mission is to humanely reduce the future population of cats living on the streets, while supporting the need now for cats to live safely indoors and outdoors in our neighborhoods. We believe we are most effective doing thi

Philadelphia PA

PURR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless, neglected and abused animals in the Philadelphia area. We are entirely operated and funded by volunteers. We focus on funding life-saving surgeries, TNR (Trap Neuter Return) and providing a home for the cats that nobody else wants.

Saved Me

Philadelphia PA 19146

Saved Me Rescue is a non profit organization that is focused on saving dogs from shelters that are forced to euthanize due to limited amount of space. We provide quality medical care, shelter, food, and a safe & healthy environment for our rescues. The Saved Me Rescue is focused on saving as many lives as possible. We are determined to find great homes for our animals and ensure that all adopt

Second Chances Rescue, Inc

Philadelphia PA

Second Chances Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was established to find loving homes for cats and dogs in the Philadelphia community. More specifically, Second Chances Rescue, Inc. (SCR) will help rescue, rehabilitate, foster, and make cats and dogs available for adoption into permanent and loving homes in the community. Our mission is help improve the quality of life for animals in n

Stray Cat Relief Fund

Philadelphia PA 19148

Stray Cat Relief Fund provides food, shelter & medical attention for abandoned cats in Philly while also providing foster-to-adoption services for domesticated cats. SCRF is a 100% volunteer run nonprofit organization.

Street Tails Animal Rescue

Philadelphia PA 19123

Street Tails Animal Rescue began in 2001 as a one woman effort to literally save one dog at a time. Initially operating out of her pet store, The Chic Petique, founder Lindsay Condefer spent years pulling and adopting out one dog at a time. In 2010, with the help of friends and supporters, her dream to help even more dogs in need became a reality. The operation blossomed into its own location. Sin

Wet Nose Rescue

Philadelphia PA 19116

Wet Nose Rescue will be starting its 14th year of finding homes for puppies and dogs that need homes in February of 2021. We have grown steadily and have a wonderful base of volunteers and foster families that give time and effort to our cause. we are always in search of new volunteers with new ideas to help on transport days, help during fund raising events or help behind the scenes with social

Philadelphia PA

We are a Philadelphia based, all volunteer run nonprofit cat rescue and recently granted 501(c)3 tax exempt status by the federal IRS. We focus on finding purrever loving homes for all adoptable kitties rescued from the streets as well as kitties in great need at our local animal shelter. We also focus on the trap-neuter-return-management of unadoptable feral kitties.

Philadelphia PA 19134

Zoomies Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to giving the homeless and unwanted dogs and cats of Philadelphia a chance at success and a new life in a loving forever home. We believe every animal deserves the best chance and we will do whatever it takes to give them their best chance with the help of our volunteers, our fundraising and our amazing supporters.

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