Oakland Pet Shelters

Are you having trouble finding a particular breed of dog or cat in Oakland?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pet Shelters is offering you one of the most extensive pet shelter directories on the internet. With our help and support, you will be able to locate every pet shelter in Oakland. We offer the most comprehensive directory of pet shelters in Oakland.

When it comes to pet adoption, many people prefer private breeders because they are unable to find a reliable shelter in Oakland. You may also visit local shelters in Oakland and adopt the pet that you like. It will not only cost you less but it will also help save an innocent life.

Thousands of pets are abandoned by owners every year. These pets end up on roads where they get in accidents or catch diseases. Many of these pets die from starvation, waiting for someone to show mercy. The pets that are found on roads are rescued by animal shelters, which are then put up for adoption.

By adopting one of the pets from a shelter in Oakland, you will help make space for more abandoned pets in the shelters. You will also give a new life to a pet that could’ve been euthanized.


Oakland CA 94602

BADRAP's Mission: Securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion. BADRAP was formed in 1999 to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing early death and suffering to San Francisco bay area pit bull type dogs. We soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training cl

California Pit Bull Rescue

Oakland CA 94611

California Pit bull Rescue (CPR) is organized for the purpose of rescuing at risk "pit bull" type dogs and facilitating social change to abolish the abuse, over breeding and mis-education surrounding the breed. CPR will achieve these goals through a statewide fostering network, fundraising programs, educational initiatives and financial/physical support for needy guardians of pit bull ty

Cat Town

Oakland CA 94619

Cat Town was founded by a core group of volunteers from Oakland Animal Services, with a former board member and volunteer of the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society. In addition to years of adoption counseling and shelter volunteering, we have experience fostering fearful cats and kittens, running mobile adoptions, and organizing successful outreach campaigns. Our professional skills include human re

East Bay SPCA, Oakland

Oakland CA 94621

The East Bay SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been saving lost and abandoned animals since 1874! We are an independent nonprofit organization with no affiliation to any other organization with SPCA in its name, including the ASPCA.

Feral Change

Oakland CA 94607

Feral Change is registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping the Oakland community control and manage its feral and homeless cat population. Our success helps ensure the health of the community and consistent care of Oakland's neighborhood cats.

Oakland CA 94604

Heartfelt HOUND RESCUE is a dog rescue and placement service specializing in hound breeds. We foster and place dogs who are at risk of being euthanazed by our local animal shelters. The only way we can save a dog is by having a foster home available, so we rely on volunteer foster households to help us increase the number of dogs we can save. These foster homes provide love and a safe place for do

Oakland CA 94602

Hopalong & Second Chance Animal rescue are committed to eliminating the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Northern California through adoption and prevention services. Working with our partners at shelters in all the Bay Area and Central California counties, we identify and remove animals at risk of immediate euthanasia and facilitate their adoption into loving homes.

Oakland CA 94601

Oakland Animal Services is dedicated to improving the relationship between the citizens of Oakland and its animals. Ensuring both public safety and animal welfare, OAS is responsible for responding to animal-related calls for service including helping abused, neglected, injured and abandoned animals, investigating animal bites and regulating animal-related activities within the city.

Paws Crossed Small Dog Rescue

Oakland CA 94611

Paws Crossed Small Dog Rescue is an all volunteer organization whose purpose is to save abandoned, neglected, and/or abused animals by placing them into permanent, safe, stable, and caring new homes. We offer in home foster care for all our animals. This helps us to address any socialization and training issues to better prepare them for successful adoption so that they won’t be abandoned or neg

Wren Yorkie Rescue

Oakland CA 94619

We are an officially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue group operating as a small family Rescue in Oakland, CA. Mrs. Wren has been a vet-tech and dog/cat groomer for many years, involved with animal rescue work for 4 decades, specializing in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming YORKSHIRE TERRIERS since 1995. We are a NO-KILL Rescue that cares for pets surrendered to us as long as it t

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