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Are you looking for a friendly pet in Montana? Are you having trouble finding a loving friend in Montana?

Finding a healthy pet can be challenging, especially when you are looking for a specific breed of dogs and cats. It is not safe to buy a pet from private breeders or owners. The risk of adopting an unhealthy or diseased pet is extremely high in such circumstances. That’s why it is best to look in shelters in Montana that are not only registered, but operated by experienced caretakers as well.

Pet Shelters is the biggest online pet shelter directory that will help you locate a trusted shelter in Montana. The pet shelters in Montana are packed with healthy cats and dogs that are ready to move into new homes. These pets are friendly, active, and extremely willing to be part of loving families.

Show these homeless pets some affection by looking for a pet shelter in Montana in our pet directory. Pet Shelters believes in promoting the rights of animals and educating people to adopt from pet shelters. By providing a detailed pet shelter directory, we want to make the pet adoption process simpler for everyone.

So, browse our pet directory today and adopt a perfect pet from a shelter in Montana.

Latest Pet Shelter Updates

  • Polson MT 59860

    Mission Valley Animal Shelter is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization located in the Mission Valley in Northwest Montana serving the people and companion cats and dogs of Lake County. We were incorporated in 1989 and built our current shelter in 1994. The shelter receives no governmental funds and relies solely on donations from individuals and businesses in the area. Office Hours Tuesday - Satur

  • Missoula MT 59808

    Missoula City-County Animal Control is concerned with the safety of the public and the welfare of all domestic animals in the City & County of Missoula. We are responsible for the following: The sheltering of abandoned, stray and impounded animals. The enforcement of the City-County ordinances relating to the keeping, restraint and humane treatment of animals. The education of the public conce

  • Stevensville MT 59870

    Bangtail Dog Rescue is a 501 (3)c non-profit organization. We specialize in helping deaf dogs, especially the herding breeds. Bangtail helps good dogs find good people!

  • Libby MT 59935

    We are a non-profit all volunteer organization providing servies to the stray and abandoned pet population of the Libby/Troy area by providing a no-kill shelter. We also assist people of the communities who have emergencies or need help keeping and caring for their pets. Visting Hours: Monday - Saturday (closed on Thursday) from 9:30 a.m. to noon Sundays we are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Laurel MT 59044

    We are located in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and try to help in Colorado, and North and South Dakota. Our business address and place of incorporation is in Laurel, MT as that is where Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue was established years ago. However, as we have grown, we have added additional fosters to our volunteer base, while some others have moved or left the group. Currently, the majority of our do

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