Western Hills Humane Society - Spearfish Pet Shelter

The Western Hills Humane Society is a no-kill shelter located in Spearfish, South Dakota. In addition to donations and fundraising efforts, the shelter is generously funded by the City of Spearfish, Lawrence County, and a grant from the Grace Lemley Foundation.

  • Shelter Address
  • 324 Industrial Drive
    Spearfish, SD 57783
  • Phone
  • (605) 642-1576
  • Contact Name
  • Contact eMail
  • whhs@midconetwork.com
  • Website
  • http://westernhillshumanesociety.com/
  • Pet types
  • Dogs/Cats/Ferrets/Rabbits/Rats/Hamsters/Guinea Pig
  • Location served

Adoption Process

We ask that you consider adopting one of our animals ONLY if you can commit to its care for a lifetime. Adoptions require TWO visits prior to beginning the adoptions process in order to walk (dogs), play with and /or generally interact with the animals to ensure that the animal you choose is the right one for your family. In the best interest of both the pet and you as the prospective guardian it may take up to five days for review and a decision. Decisions may be based on all of the following: written application, landlords approval (if applicable), observation of your interaction with the animal, observation of your current animals meeting the animal, reference check, veterinarian referral, and home visit. All information is treated as confidential. There are no set right or wrong answers to these questions. By answering honestly we can better find the right pet for you and your family. Submission of this application does not guarantee that you will receive an animal. In order to be considered as an adopter, you must: Be 18 years of age or older; Have identification showing your current address; Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord and/or parent if you live at their home. Although we occasionally adopt out of our immediate area, we are committed to caring for our animals for their entire lives. We prefer to adopt locally as if the new living situation does not work we want our animals to be able to be returned to us to rehome. The adoption fees help feed the animals and allow us to vaccinate and provide the best care possible! All adult animals are spayed or neutered at shelter’s expense. Cats from our shelter are vaccinated for feline distemper, wormed, tested for feline leukemia, checked for ear mites, and treated for any other medical condition that may arise. Our long term residents have also been vaccinated for rabies. Dogs are vaccinated for parvo/distemper, bordetella, and rabies. They are also treated for individual medical conditions. Although we do provide medical care as necessary, animals from the shelter are adopted “as is.” Medical conditions can and do arise with any pet. Adopters assume the cost of any and all conditions the animal has, known or unknown, at the time of adoption. Dogs and Puppies $120, Cats and Kittens $50. All animals are spayed/neutered before they are adopted unless they are too young. Kittens and Puppies do require a spay/neuter deposit that is refundable once proof is provided to us that the procedure has been done. The Shelter has Animal Gift Bags available for purchase. These seasonal goodie bags are filled with a variety of fun and useful items for your pet. Prices vary. Funds raised from these sales go toward support of our shelter and animals.

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