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When we began fundraising for our shelter facilities there were 100 domestic animals euthanized or destroyed each week in the Upper Snake River Valley. This is a large number for our population. Our efforts have brought attention to this and volunteers are working hard to bring that number down. However, the Upper Snake River Valley consists of many rural cities and our volunteers are fostering animals in their sheds, their garages, and their basements. These volunteer groups need a home base shelter large enough to house and help these adoptable animals find their furever home. Unlike other animal shelter facilities, the Snake River Animal Shelter (SRAS) will provide a longer opportunity for animals to be adopted, thus avoiding the need for euthanasia. This unique place will not only offer adoption services, but grooming services, a pet store, and a place for the animals to socialize with each other. A walking path around 16 acres of scenic property for the community to enjoy will be provided and eventually connected to the Idaho Falls Greenbelt. Education will be a large part of the existence of this facility. Teens will be invited to participate in the care and feeding of the shelter animals. Senior citizens will be the guests of the shelter as well, participating in programs that include the animals. This is the future of the Snake River Animal Shelter.

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  • 3000 Lindsay Blvd.
    Idaho Falls, ID 83405
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  • (208) 523-4219
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Adoption Process

To ensure that animals find permanent, loving, responsible homes, the staff at the Snake River Animal Shelter will spend time getting to know the potential adopters. We want the best match for the animals and humans involved. All applicants will be asked to complete an Adoption Profile to help place the animal in a forever home that is compatible with its needs. If applicants, looking for a dog, already have a dog(s) then we STRONLY recommend a meet and greet between dogs before adoption is finalized. Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age with a valid Drives License; Provide proof of residency (ex. Utility bill); If renting home, approval from landlord via phone call (we have the right to request written proof from landlord and/or request home visits pre and post adoption).

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