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Silver Dragon Pets is a foster-based rescue, which means we do not have a central building. There are no kennels or rows of cages with sad animals reaching paws out begging to be taken out. All of the animals in our rescue are placed into foster homes in and around the Brainerd Lakes area. There, the animals are treated as a member of their foster family. They get to live in a home setting. They can work on basic training, potty training, or any other issues that might come up. It gives the foster family the unique opportunity to observe the foster pets and how they do with different situations. Is this dog afraid of the vacuum? Is this cat OK to go to a home with dogs? Is this rabbit cage aggressive? Living in a foster home offers our rescue animals less stressful living conditions than a traditional shelter, while also allowing us to better identify their personalities, needs, and determining what kind of a home they would be best suited for. Silver Dragon Pets is a private rescue. We are not funded by local or state taxes, we do not take in animal control (stray impound) animals. We are funded entirely on donations and adoption fees.

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