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Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas (SRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All our tax-deductible adoption donations go back into helping care for other rescues. We are a group of volunteers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee. Our sole purpose is to rescue dogs and provide them with secure and safe homes. We provide permanent homes for displaced Miniature, Standard, Giant Schnauzers, and occasionally 'endangered Honorary Schnauzers.

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Adoption Process

If this is your first opportunity to assist in helping a rescue dog, no doubt, you are curious about the adoption procedure. First, please donate $5.00 to process your adoption application - you may DONATE on our Home PAGE, then download, fill out, and return one of our adoption applications, and then it will be processed by the Placement Team. These persons will verify your references with the veterinarian that you have listed, or the three personal references if you do not have a current veterinarian, that you listed on your application. The SRC Placement Team takes pride in being able to process applications quickly. That is what sets our rescue apart from many others. We feel that trustworthy applicants deserve a quick turnaround time, and we make every effort to expedite the processing of applications within reason. Usually, an application can be processed within two weeks or less, depending on the location and availability of the applicants and SRC volunteers. Please know that when you apply for one of our dogs, if you are approved, you must be ready to accept the new dog into your home shortly after approval. SRC is not able to hold dogs for people until they are available and places dogs on a first-come and first-serve basis. Please also note that with the rising cost of gas, SRC cannot guarantee that transport will be available for the dog of your choice. If there is a dog you are interested in, please read our bios ahead of time to determine where it is located, so you will know if you will be willing to drive to pick it up. Sometimes transports can be arranged if the applicants are eager to cover fuel costs, but that is not a guarantee. Usually applicants are responsible for picking up their adopted dog because transports are not provided. SRC rescues dogs in four states, and has foster homes scattered over our adoption area. After your vet and personal references have been checked, a home visit will be scheduled. A volunteer who represents our organization will meet with you and your family at your home to ask you questions that are meant to help determine the type of dog that would be best suited for your type of environment. This interviewer will also look around the home just to see where the dog would be kept and to observe the overall area that you reside in. They will also be available to answer any questions you might have about the potential adoption. Once your home visit is complete, and a satisfactory report has been forwarded to the Rescue Intake Team, you may choose from the dogs we have available. The entire pre-approval process is usually relatively quick, but it depends on getting someone from the organization to your home. If you live in an area that we cover frequently, your pre-approval may be quicker than someone that lives in an area where there are fewer members, and it is harder to get someone to include that specific location. We do work diligently to get all applicants pre-approved within an average of 2 weeks unless there is an unusual situation. We are working with several applicants, so some of the dogs may have other applicants that have already requested them. We try to be as fair as possible, but with the understanding, the dog's benefit is our primary concern. (Due to the Pandemic, home visits are temporarily ceased. They are being replaced by photos of the interior and exterior of the adopters home along with a telephone interview. Once the Pandemic is over, SRC will return to home visits as before.) If we do not have a dog currently, which fits the specifications needed for your home environment, then as we get more in, someone in our organization will try to email pre-approved applicants to let them know when Schnauzers are coming in which might fit well with your family. These notifications will go out to all those people who have asked for dogs with similar traits to let them know that one is coming in soon and something about its status. It is also wise to watch our Adoptable Dogs and let our Intake Team know if you see a dog that you would be interested in adopting once you are approved. When the dog is ready for placement, the approved applicant who is best suited and has waited for the longest will be selected to have the dog as their family companion. Even after they have been adopted, SRC rescue dogs can never be sold or given away. SRC is always your first point of contact whenever there is a problem with your adopted dog. If you cannot keep the dog that you adopt, you must contact SRC for guidance as to their care and placement. We do commit to the lifetime of the dog and assure that they are well cared for. They are given a microchip and you are required to provide identification tag that we ask they wear at all times. SRC is always secondary on the registration of the rescue dog’s microchip so that should they become lost or stolen and then recovered, SRC can get them back safely if you cannot be contacted immediately. We will hold on to them until you are able to be contacted and we can get them back to you. If you cannot be contacted within two weeks, the dog reverts back to SRC. When an adoption is finalized, SRC has an adoption contract that we ask you to sign. This is when you will pay the adoption donation in honor of adopting your dog. The adoption donation requested ranges from $250 to $750 dependent on their breed. (Please note: SRC spends 95% of the funds it collects each year thru donations on the medical expenses of the dogs in its care. The remaining 5% is used for things like boarding a dog in danger until a transport can be arranged, microchips, collars and more. Very little of our money goes to office expenses) The contract specifies that you will take good care of the dog and return it to us if you cannot keep him/her for some reason in the future. We also retain the right to check on the dog's welfare for the remainder of his or her life. Adoption is a lifetime commitment. Please read your adoption contract thoroughly prior to signing and returning it. Once you adopt, we love updates, and are always thrilled to receive family photos! After you have adopted, it will be important to keep us updated on your new dog’s progress. These updates give our Volunteers the incentive to work that much harder to save other endangered rescues just like the special dog your adopted! We have a special email address just for such updates. We assure our volunteers see them on a regular basis. That email address is: [email protected] so please send your photos and updates directly to that email address and we will share them with all our volunteers. You will be helping to save other needy canines with your joy. Although SRC commitments to the lifetime of each dog that we rescue, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to accept the dog that you adopt back into our rescue should you decide at a later date that you want to return it. This will be at the discretion of the SRC Board and the availability of foster placement at the time. We understand this process may be somewhat confusing from the candidate's viewpoint at times. Someone will be always be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time. We work diligently to assure that the perfect family companion will be in your home and heart very soon. It is our ultimate goal to make every adoption successful for the canine and the adoptive parent, so we are here to help. Your adopted dog will be evaluated by its foster parents and that evaluation is posted for your review.

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