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The Sandersville / Washington County Animal Control Shelter is responsible for the collection of animals that are considered either stray, vicious, and/or abused. The shelter will make every effort to adopt the animals to homes that can provide a safe and healthy environment. Employees will uphold all local ordinance and state requirements for the successful operation of the shelter.

  • Shelter Address
  • 430 Beck Blvd
    Sandersville, GA 31082
  • Phone
  • (478) 552-2756
  • Contact Name
  • Contact eMail
  • Website
  • Pet types
  • Dogs/Cats
  • Location served
  • Washington County

Adoption Process

You must sign an agreement stating that you will have the animal either spay/neutered and get it a rabies vaccine at the vet of your choice. Rabies vaccines must be got immediately for animals over the age of 3 months. Animals adopted at the age of 6 months or older must be spay/neutered within 30 days of adoption. If the animal you are adopting is under the age of 3 months, you must get the rabies vaccine when they reach the age of 3 months. Also, if the animal you are adopting is under 6 months, you will be required to get the animal spay/neutered when the animal reaches 6 months. If at any time you can no longer care for or keep the adopted animal, you agree to return it to the shelter. You must notify the shelter immediately if the animal is no longer in your possession or is deceased prior to receiving its rabies vaccine and/or spay/neuter. A notarized letter must be provided. To the best of the shelter’s knowledge, the animal being adopted is in good health, however, no test are performed at the shelter. All animals are being adopted as is. All fees are to be paid at the Sandersville City Hall after contacting the shelter. Adoption: $15 per animal

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