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The Parrot Outreach Society is a non-profit organization whose sole concern is parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots. We are an outreach and placement program which places into safe custody, parrots which are abandoned, abused, or in need of a home for any reason. Parrots are intelligent, highly social and complex beings with a life span of up to 80 years. The individual bird’s best interest and well being of the present flock will determine if a parrot is accepted into the organization. We actively support networking with other parrot welfare groups, animal welfare organizations, the veterinary community, conservation organizations and the general public. Education is of the utmost importance concerning the well being of a parrot and its ability to successfully live with its human companions.

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Adoption Process

Parrots are beautiful and intelligent creatures and many people are easily enchanted with them but do not realize that parrots are wild animals. There is no such thing as a domesticated parrot, despite the many years they have been in captivity. There is no such thing as a quiet parrot or a parrot that does not bite. Parrots bite! It is up to you to educate yourself regarding parrot behavior, body language and needs. Parrots also squawk and scream, this is how they communicate in the wild. This behavior can happen more frequently when they are not receiving the quality of care that is required with parrot companionship.So, with that being said, the first step in adopting a parrot is EDUCATION and RESEARCH! Please read our sections on basic bird care and utilize the links to other websites we suggest on our “Links” page. The second step to the adoption process is TIME! You will need to spend time at our facility bonding with one of our parrots. This does NOT happen overnight. It takes time and may take up to a week or more and several visits over that time frame. It is very important that you and your potential companion are on your way to a fulfilling relationship for both of you prior to taking the bird home. You may be surprised to realize that the bird will pick you,rather than you choosing the bird. Come in with an open mind about the type of bird you want to share your life with. Once this step is finished it will be time to move on to the third step. The third step to the adoption process is completing an extensive adoption APPLICATION. Once you have completed the application you can either email it to parrot [email protected] or mail/bring it to our facility at 1205 Elizabeth St. Suite I; Punta Gorda, FL 33950 attn. Adoption Coordinator. It is your responsibility to initiate meeting the birds in our care if you email an application, we will not call you if you just send ini an application. We are open Tues-Thurs 10-5, Fri and Sat 10-4, no appointment needed. The fourth step is getting to know the newest member of your family. We strongly encourage that you start the 3 separate, 1 hour bonding sessions with the bird of your choice, prior to your home visit. These can be done prior to our Adoption Coordinator doing your home visit. A HOME VISIT is the fifth step to our adoption process. One of our members will visit your home. If things go well during the home visit, you will be one step closer to bringing your new companion parrot home. The home visit provides quiet time allowing you to ask questions and offer information that you may not have thought of while at the adoption center. The sixth step to our adoption process is PREPARATION. You will need to make sure that you have the following items on hand before you bring your companion parrot home. We, at Parrot Outreach, have all of the following affordably priced at our facility. We do this because we want to ensure that one of our flock is properly outfitted before s/he goes home with you. CAGE - must be appropriate for the species of parrot you are adopting. Please note that we will not allow a parrot to go home if it does not have an appropriately sized cage. Under the adoption tab of our website, you will see “Proper Housing for Your New Companion” , there, you will find minimum cage size requirements that are species specific. We will NOT negotiate cage size. CARRIER – you can use an avian, cat or dog carrier appropriately sized for transporting your new companion. Please note that we do not allow a parrot to leave our facility unless it is in a proper enclosure. FOOD – Our parrots are fed a pellet diet unless otherwise noted. In addition to a pellet diet, parrots can eat a large variety of fruits and vegetables. You can reference our list of safe foods and treats under the bird care tab on our website. TOYS and PERCHES - Parrots are natural foragers and constantly forge when in the wild. This is why toys and perches are necessary. Not only do parrots use perches to perch upon, they also shred and chew on them. Do not be surprised when this occurs. Toys should also be supplied and replaced once they are destroyed by your parrot. A cage should have no less than 3 toys and can have as many toys as you like as long as the parrot is able to spread its wings without hitting anything, and the toys are not obstructing it’s path when it climbs the bars of the cage. This will help prevent your parrot from being bored and discourage some unhealthy behaviors. VET CARE – Vet care is very important for a parrot owner as prevention is always key. It is easier to prevent an illness than it is to heal an illness once it has occurred. Proper avian vet care can be a matter of life or death for your parrot, as parrots sometimes conceal their illness until it is too late. This is a protective behavior that parrots have in the wild. Parrots will mask an illness until it is so severe that they can no longer hide it….which may lead to death. This is why we cannot put enough emphasis on having a Vet and an annual health visit. Your new companion will need to see your vet within the first few days of coming home for routine blood work and exam. The bird will also need an annual vet exam. Microchipping is encouraged. Once you have met all the requirements of our adoption process you will be ready to bring your new companion parrot home! All that is left for you to do is schedule an appointment to pick up your new family member.

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