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LnF Dog Rescue is an all volunteer, all-breed dog rescue organization. We have no paid employees.

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  • New Castle, DE
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  • (302) 613-0394
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  • animalrescue@comcast.net
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  • http://www.lnfdogs.org/
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  • Dogs
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  • 1 stars
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  • 2016-12-26 05:13:51
  • Owner brought the dog over to meet my two rescues U fortunately, she felt my fence was not high enough. I was ok with her decision... then I get an incredibly unprofessional email from her...say "I’m very sorry that you wasted my time – I would not have even come but you said the 6 foot fence so silly me took that to mean around the entire property! You thought a puppy like here r wouldn’t jump over the fence easily where it’s only about 3 feet high?" Then posted on Facebook as well. Saying it was a waste of her time. Well I guess if it had been the right fit it wouldn't if berm a waste. I guess that the chance you take. I've had my rescue hounds for years and the fence has been fine.... I wished her luck in finding the perfect fit. Just very unprofessional and unfortunate... she needs to learn how to act appropriate and be professional.
  • Rating
  • 1 stars
  • Author
  • Review date
  • 2016-04-02 11:08:20
  • I am absolutely passionate about my animals. My husband & I have been considering getting another dog. With all the shelter/rescue dogs that are in need of a home, I thought it was best to adopt one. After months of looking, I finally found one that I was interested in. I spent quite a while completing the application for this dog at LNF Dog Rescue and was absolutely astonished at the lack of professionalism in the response I received. Here is the email conversation: Original response to my application: No references until you've been contacted? (Under the reference section I put "will provide when contacted" as to discuss whether she wanted vet, friends, family, etc) Consider yourself contacted- your application does not meet our standards. My response: I am so sorry but I do not appreciate the rude response. Even for a job application it is best not to provide references until after discussing the opportunity. My animals have an absolutely wonderful home where they receive love and excellent care. I am a nurse and was in 4-H for 10 years. I have not one but two horses who have received multiple surgeries for squamous cell carcinoma of the eye & needed extensive recovery care. I provide excellent care for all of my animals. I could provide you with an unlimited number of references but your lack of professionalism is deterring. I cannot believe you would deter someone from giving this dog a loving home so quickly. There are so many dogs in need of homes and you are preventing this poor dog from receiving one. That is a real shame. Her response: Whatever- 463 adoptions & they all gave me the info I require to even begin to process an application- Don't worry about Lily- she stay here in her foster home with us until the RIGHT family comes along- bye bye! No wonder there are so many dogs unfortunate enough to live at these shelters and rescues for long periods of time. It really is sad. But the lack of professionalism displayed by Marlene at LNF Dog Rescue was inappropriate. People like her do not deserve to pick forever homes for these pups. You all know that dog would have had an amazing home where it was absolutely spoiled rotten with me :)

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