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Jen's Adoptable Cats Inc.

Jen's Adoptable Cats is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit cat rescue. We are committed to ensuring our cats get to live their best lives. They receive full veterinary care, a high quality diet, and love in our foster homes. We primarily take in cats who would have lived their lives on the streets, which can be a short and difficult life. They receive the medical care they so desperately need and we provide socialization, easing their transition to indoor life. We take in cats of all ages, and cats with special needs. We believe that all cats are special and deserving the best we can give. By adopting from our rescue you not only give a home to a beautiful cat, you save another cat who is still outside fighting to survive.

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  • 414 S. Service Rd #358
    Patchogue, NY 11772
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  • (631) 317-1333
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Adoption Process

We have a thorough application process to ensure our cats are placed in the best homes for their individual needs. Our cats are in foster homes, which is a great way for them to be socialized and transition more easily into a new home. Due to this, we do require an application to be filled out prior to meeting any of our cats. We require veterinarian references to establish a history of care for your current and previous pets. It's best to list all the veterinarians you have used, to get a more complete picture. We will also require two personal references that are not family. After we process your application, the next step is a home visit. It's best if all members of the household are present. We will find a time that is mutually agreeable for the visit. If you are approved after these steps, you have two options: 1: Adoption or 2: Foster with Intent to Adopt. What is Foster with Intent to Adopt? This option is great choice if you're unsure how the new kitty will fit into your household. It's a trial period of approximately 30 days, but it can be less or more depending on circumstances. After the trial period you can choose to move forward with the adoption or return the cat to us. There is also the possibility to switch cats if you think a different personality may be a better fit. Our goal is matching you to the best cat for your household.

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