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We are a growing nonprofit rescue group. For years, we rescued animals primarily from the local shelter but feel we should also help others who are struggling too. We now have broadened our outreach to help other shelters and families in need of rehoming their pets due to hardship or health issues. The President and Co-Founder of Gracie's H.E.A.R.T. of Gold, Kim Lane May, was also the Board President of the local humane society for 5 years and saw the ongoing struggles and neglect for thousands of animals. Extreme overcrowding has gotten worse in the shelters due to the economy and we strive to help as much as we can. It has sometimes been difficult to keep our rescue going due to this as well. Funds are always tight, but we are still hopeful we can hang on through these rough times. In 2009, Kim has increased her rescue to now include two new partners, who have significantly helped with the day to day operations. The rescue has experienced significant growth in animals we have taken in this past year and needed this help tremendously to keep up. Amanda Bragg and Katie Richards are the two new officers of Gracie's HEART of Gold! We are extremely excited to have their passion and dedication as part of our rescue team. We all are so passionate about saving as many lives as we can and appreciate all of the interest in the animals we rescue. We get extremely attached to all the "babies" we rescue and therefore may seem a bit stringent on our policies. We truly are in this to find the perfect fit and the best possible home for each animal we rescue. We often find numerous wonderful families for each animal and do our best to continue to find an animal suited for each family who expresses a desire to give one of our babies a forever home. We love to keep in touch and get wonderful updates from our adoptive families and try to visit when we can, so we can see "our babies". We have met so many wonderful and absolutely unbelievable families since 2003 when we first started doing this. So many friendships have been formed based on our mutual bond and love for the animal adopted. For each is a blessing not only for the animals, but for us. While we miss each and every animal we have adopted out, we know in our hearts they are in the best possible place they could ever be...and for that we are grateful. Thanks to all who have taken into your hearts and your homes one of our own and made them one of your own....You are our angels. You are our heros.

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