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Furrr Feline Rescue

FuRRR Feline Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer-driven organization, a cat rescue organization in NH incorporated in 2015. FuRRR is a cat rescue in NH; not an animal shelter. We have a wide range of cats including elderly, special needs, and at risk of euthanasia kittens and cats from high-kill southern shelters via our southern rescue partners.

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  • 73 Pickering Rd., Unit 99
    Gonic, NH 03839
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  • https://furrr.org/
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  • Cats
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Adoption Process

The application process DOES NOT guarantee approval. We hold meet and greets with approved applicants only. We do not place cats on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be completed in their entirety or they will NOT be processed. Applications take approximately 5 business days to process, sometimes longer. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Before applying, PLEASE call your vet and give them permission to speak with a FuRRR representative about your current/previous pets. If you do not, your application will NOT be processed. If you do not have a vet as a reference because you have never had pets, have not had pets in a long time, or are in a rental property, we will require a “virtual” home visit. We ask that you email photos of the interior of your home to show that it is a safe, happy and healthy place for kittens/cats (after submitting your application). We will contact your veterinarian for a reference and landlords to confirm pets are permitted in your lease. All current and previous animals MUST be spayed/neutered and have a history of veterinary care and vaccinations. If you live with your parents they will need to the email giving permission for the adoption in writing. Once approved, you will be contacted and a meet and greet day will be scheduled. After the meet and greet, our kittens/cats require a final exam with our vet in order to receive their health certificate for adoption. We hold those appointments every Tuesday afternoon and adoptions begin Tuesday evening at approximately 6:30 pm depending on our volunteer’s availability (please be flexible as our volunteers also work and we have many adoptions each week). You are required to bring an approved carrier (preferably hard-sided/standard 24” for an average-sized adult or 2 small kittens) and adequate size to the adoption, no exceptions or you will not be permitted to take your new kitten/cat home. Adoptions are held at the rescue in Gonic NH, not in stores, we accept exact cash, check, Paypal, Venmo, or debit/credit card for an adoption donation. (There is an additional fee for debit/credit card). You will receive a folder of vetting records for your kitten/cat, please make sure to read the “Taking Your New Kitty Home” page in the front of the folder immediately.

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