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Flint Humane Society was founded in 2007 after a long history of having no rescue efforts for animals in Dooly County. Previous to this incorporation, Vienna, Georgia was famous for Dog Elimination Day where a dog-round-up-posse rode on the backs of pick-up trucks with shotguns. There had to be a better means. The status-quo for domesticated pets was not good enough for our community in Dooly. These creatures deserved a second chance. An educational campaign was waged, a board was formed, and Flint Humane Society was born. The humble beginnings were exactly that. A pilot project was begun at the local dog pound beside the gas chamber. It was a lonesome place and smelled of death. With a little help from high school volunteers and a few dedicated caring adults, dogs were bathed, walked, socialized, medically treated, and loved. A special place in the local newspapers was created just to showcase the dogs. To date, we have placed over 400 of our abandoned canines. We still have a ways to go before we reach our goal of a waiting list to adopt a Dooly Ditch Dog; however, we have come so far. Way to go Dooly and thanks!

  • Shelter Address
  • 3759 Slosheye Trail Rd
    Vienna, GA 31092
  • Phone
  • (229) 268-7030
  • Contact Name
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  • Pet types
  • Dogs
  • Location served
  • Dooly County

Adoption Process

We have an application and a contract for adopting one of our precious pups. We are able to send them to you online or by regular postal mail. Some of our dogs are thousands of miles away from us, but living in high cotton still the same. We don't bat an eye at traveling to meet you in order for one of our pups to have their first forever home. We have some of the best dogs with the most personable personalities that I have ever seen. The photos don't do them justice as you can't see their nuances.

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