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Eastchester Bay Stray Cat Project is a group of volunteers who do TNR (trap-neuter-release) of feral cats, mainly on City Island, Pelham Bay Park, and surrounding areas in the northeast Bronx, NYC. Our goal is to reduce the local feral cat population over time by achieving 100% spay/neuter rate. Because of our unique geography (very small island, 1.5 miles long, 2 blocks wide), City Island has been identified as potentially being able to reach that elusive "Lock the Block" status, which could be valuable in promoting TNR to communities across the country and indeed the world. Since a bridge is the one and only way on or off the island, and it is highly unlikely any cats travel through Pelham Bay Park and across in a high traffic area, our project might end up as the first known group to reach the 100% TNR success rate. In addition to TNR of adult cats, we also rescue feral kittens and friendly homeless strays we encounter or notified about by local residents.

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  • Bronx, NY
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  • (347) 871-6369
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Adoption Process

Potential adopters agree to a phone/Facetime interview and a home visit, and to fill out an adoption application. We adopt pairs of kittens or single kittens to homes with at least one other kitten, young cat or cat-friendly dog. Potential adopters must agree the cats will be kept indoors and not left to roam free outdoors. All cats must be spayed, neutered and microchipped.

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