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Coastal Sheltie Rescue Inc

Our mission is to find loving homes for shelties, collies and other small herding breeds that have become homeless through no fault of their own. We want to educate families in the care and well-being of their pets and if the need arises, to help those families maintain care and ownership of their beloved herders in a temporary crisis Before you apply ... At Coastal Sheltie Rescue +, our primary concern is for the health and welfare of the dogs that come through our program. Because of this, our adoption process is more than just us handing over a dog to you. All those interested in adopting or fostering must participate in the same application process. Please note that we are currently only processing applications from the states of Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Shelter Address
  • Po box 56162
    Virginia beach, VA 23456
  • Phone
  • (804) 552-1884
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  • Dogs
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  • We cover coastal Virginia, North Carolina, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We will help collies shelties, blue heelers, Corgis and other small Herding dogs.

Adoption Process

We consider only applicants who want a dog as a member of the family, meaning that the dog will spend its time where the family is and not be kept outside or away from the family all the time. We favor applicants with yards of secure, physical fencing for most (but not necessarily all) of our Herders. However, for puppies and all young dogs, a fence is required. Some adult or senior dogs can do well in homes with no fenced yard if the family is willing to take the dog for frequent walks - on leash, of course. We do NOT place dogs in homes with invisible, electronic, or electric fences or outdoor kennels. We expect adopters to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for a dog. Most herding dogs are active dogs that need to run and play or have a “job”; they are not meant to be couch potatoes. We do NOT place dogs in homes that have intact pets (unless the dog is being actively shown in conformation classes or there is a medical reason for remaining intact) or pets that are not up to date on vaccinations. We are usually reluctant to place a rescued Member of the Herding Group in a family with children under the age of four or five. Rescue dogs often have difficult or completely unknown pasts, and we can't accept the risk that a child might be hurt. In addition, Shelties are herding dogs and may herd small children. We will consider placing a dog that we know loves children with a family with young children. Our foster process includes this evaluation. Other requirements in our adoption contract include the following: The dog may never be allowed off a leash outdoors unless it is in a secure, physically fenced area. The dog must be kept on heartworm preventative at least 9 months a year. The dog is never to be left outside when you are not home. The dog must wear ID tags, including the CSR+ tag, always. If the dog cannot be kept for any reason, it must be returned to CSR+. Below is a list of things that can cause an application to be denied: If you or anyone in your home has been found guilty of animal cruelty or has a pending charge of animal cruelty. If you do not keep your pet's vaccinations and preventatives current, you will not be considered for adoption. If you do not give your veterinarian permission to discuss your pet records with us, you will not be considered for adoption. If you plan on using an "invisible" fence, you will not be considered for adoption. These types of fences are not safe, and shelties have a high tolerance for pain. If you plan on keeping your dog as an "outside dog", you will not be considered for adoption. If you are not ready to commit to a dog for the rest of its life, you will not be considered for adoption.

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