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Circle Of Friends Humane Society

The Circle of Friends Humane Society gives pets of all kinds a second chance for a permanent, loving home. It’s the second chance they all deserve.

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  • 4375 N. Washington St.
    Grand Forks, ND 58203
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  • (701) 775-3732
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Adoption Process

Potential adopters should be aware that adopting a pet from a humane society is significantly different than purchasing a pet from a pet store. We screen potential adopters through an adoption questionnaire and complete the adoption with a legally binding contract stating the terms of the care and sterilization of the pet. All adoption policies and procedures are carefully researched and based on past experience. These policies and procedures are not intended to be critical of anyone of their personal situation but are implemented for the welfare of the animals sheltered here. It is our responsibility to place these animals in the best homes possible. To that end we reserve the right to deny adoptions to anyone. It is imperative that our policies and procedures are given due respect by potential adopters. Disrespect or belligerence for the adoption process or toward staff members will disqualify potential adopters from the adoption process. All adopters must be 18 years old or older to adopt a pet. Adopters must show proof of permanent address through current driver's license, rental agreement, or utility bill. 1. Any commitment to accept the responsibility of a pet, any pet, begins with interaction with that pet. We require that potential adopters spend as much time as possible with their chosen pet before beginning the adoption process. Temperament and personality are difficult to determine in a kennel setting and cannot be guaranteed by shelter staff members. Areas are available at the shelter to interact with the pet while limiting outside stimuli. 2. Once the right pet is chosen potential adopters are required to complete an adoption questionnaire. The adoption is approved or denied based on staff interaction with potential adopters and information given on the adoption questionnaire. 3. All unsterilized animals adopted from the Circle of Friends Humane Society are required to be sterilized by a certain date. 4. At the conclusion of the adoption a legally binding contract is signed by the adopter. This contract states the requirements of care to be given to the pet as well as the sterilization requirements. Fees vary depending on species and whether pets are already sterilized or are due to be sterilized.

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