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We are Beagles to the Rescue a non-profit animal rescue located in Chesapeake, VA. BTTR was founded in 2008 and has placed over 1,000 dogs and counting since then. Our beagles come from shelters, hunt clubs, stray pickups, and families across south eastern Virginia and north eastern North Carolina. We are a no-kill organization placing dogs as indoor pets in a home that matches them perfectly. We are a 100% volunteer run organization and we are funded solely by donations. We are not a traditional brick and mortar shelter, our dogs live in foster homes or at an open boarding kennel (think giant dog park). The kennel has acres of fenced in grassy fields for the dogs to run and play on while searching for a new home.

  • Shelter Address
  • P.O. Box 16522
    Chesapeake, VA 23328
  • Phone
  • (757) 447-7773
  • Contact Name
  • Christine Kroh
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  • Dogs
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Adoption Process

1. Read through our Adoption Requirements, Adoption Policies, and Adoption Fees listed Above. 2. Check out our All About Beagles page to see if a beagle is a good match for your family. 3. Take a look at our adoptable dogs: 1. If you see one you like fill out an adoption application. 2. If you don’t see a match fill out our pet match form be added to our list of people looking for dogs. 4. Check your email (including spam folder) within 24 hours of submitting your application for a response from us. If you don’t get one send us an email or give us a call. 5. Once we have received your application one of our volunteers will give you a call to talk about the dog you are interested in and see if they will be a good match for your family. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about adopting from us. 1. If it’s a good match we will get you set up to go out and meet the dog(s). 2. If the dog isn’t a good match we may be able to offer an alternative or add you to our list of people looking for dogs. 6. We do meet and greets by appointment only to ensure we have volunteer’s available to answer your questions. We don’t have our address posted publicly after several issues with people coming by when the kennel is closed, opening gates, and letting dogs out. We will email you the address and directions about where to park and who to call if you get lost or need to reschedule. 7. Once you arrive for your meet and greet one of our volunteers will take you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. They can also answer any questions you may have about the dog. We will give you 24-48 hours to talk things over and decide if you want to adopt the dog. 1. If it’s a match one of our volunteers will call you to set up a home visit 2. If it’s not a match we can add you to our people looking for dog. 8. One of our volunteers will contact your pets current veterinarian to verify your current pets health record. 9. One of our volunteers will come by your home to take a look at your fencing and make sure it is beagle proof. They will bring along vet records, adoption contracts, and food for your new dog. You will make payment (check/cash preferred, credit cards accepted via paypal). 1. If your fence has no issues we will set up a time for you to come pick up your new dog 2. If your fence needs some minor repairs you will need to make them and provide proof or repairs (photos) before picking up your dog. We can give you up to 2 weeks to make the required repairs 3. If your fence has significant issues or you application is found to be inaccurate BTTR may decide against the adoption. 10. In order to pick up your dog you will need to have the following items: properly sized collar or harness with an ID tag/plate/embroidery with your phone number on it and a way to transport your dog home. Crates are preferred, passengers can hold young puppies. Drivers can NOT hold the dog in their lap and dogs cannot be left loose in the car until you know how they will act. The last thing anyone wants is a car accident on the way home. Dogs cannot ride in pickup truck beds. 11. Follow up with us regularly over at least the next week to update us on how the dog is doing. Most dogs have a one week trial period. BTTR offers training support for the life of the dog. We will NOT register the dog’s microchip in your name until the trial period is over and things are going well. We LOVE pictures and have a large online album of happy tails. A BTTR volunteer may check in with you after a few months (especially with puppies) and offer support for any issues you are having. Unaltered dogs, or those that need additional medical care from BTTR are foster-to-adopt until the treatment is completed. Adopters of foster to adopt dogs must remain in contact with BTTR until the adoption is complete. 12. Keep BTTR updated if you have any issues with your dog, if your contact info changes, or if you need to rehome your dog. If your pet ever goes missing let us know we are happy to help you look or post fliers on our website. 13. Adopt again! We have many repeat adopters! Beagles are pack hounds after all.

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