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Adoption Process

Our mission is to be sure that the dogs in our care are never homeless again. Therefore, we exert our best efforts to ensure a perfect match between the dog and the applicants. Home visits are done whenever possible and will be arranged after a completed application has been approved by our adoption committee. In some cases, the dog will accompany our home inspection team to meet the applicant. We honor any clearly expressed preference the dog may show for one family over another, all other things being equal. If all goes well, an adoption may be awarded at the time of the introduction. We all work full time so please be patient and allow us at least 24-48 hours to reply to your email. We’re usually quicker, but need your understanding if we can’t be. There is a nonrefundable adoption donation upon adoption of $325 cash for adults and seniors and $425 cash for puppies 13 months and younger. This helps to offset expenses, and represents a substantial savings to you over what you would pay for a dog from either a pet shop or breeder PLUS their vaccines, spay / neuter surgery, vet exams, microchip, socialization and training. We prefer to make instate adoptions and much prefer Maricopa County; however, we have, when it was the most perfect match, adopted some of our most beloved rescued doggies to folks residing in more distant AZ counties. We will never ship a dog anywhere, so please don’t even ask us. We regret that we cannot “hold” dogs for you; once your application is submitted, please be prepared to meet and adopt the dog quickly; other homeless dogs, who might otherwise be euthanized, are waiting for rescue space. We thank you immensely for your understanding.

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