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Alsip To The Rescue

Alsip to the Rescue (ATTR) is a rescue operating under a new working model for the rescue community. ATTR has the ability to help dogs that have special needs. Within the first year we have rescued close to 1400 dogs and cats. We have helped dogs that have needed surgeries for a luxating patella, full leg amputations, hip surgeries, entropia and other ailments. We worked in conjunction other organizations to secure a cart for a dog that didn’t have the use of his back legs. We can rescue pregnant moms and entire litters. We are able to rescue 15-30 dogs a week. We have been called in to both organize and assist in puppy mill closings and in hoarding situations. On one occasion we organized the rescue of 50 Daschund and Chihuahua’s, finding homes for 15 of them through ATTR. We assisted in the rescue of 30 dogs from a hoarding situation in which we found homes for 9 large breed dogs through ATTR. Over the past year, ATTR has worked tirelessly to train a Rescue Team that rivals any around. We have two adoption center locations to treat, rehab and house our rescues. We have on-site vet clinics in each of our locations. The Rescue Team is made up of staff and now volunteers that are trained to vaccinate and treat for minor health issues. All rescues are vet checked upon arrival and then on as needed basis by the on-site vet staff. ATTR has excellent and proficient coordinators working with the shelters and our Transport Teams to get the rescues out of both local and out of state shelters, hoarding situations or puppy mills that are closing and into one of our two locations. An Intake Team then checks in and begins the vet check process and care of all new rescues.

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  • 10255 Wicker Avenue
    Saint John, IN 46373
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  • (219) 365-0882
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Adoption Process

PUPPIES FOUND ON THE WEBSITE MUST BE MET IN PERSON IN THE ADOPTION CENTER PRIOR TO ANY APPLICATION SUBMISSION. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. All dogs found on the website are at the specified location and can be viewed at that location. We ask that all your resident dogs and family members come into the adoption center to meet the rescue you want to adopt. We can hold a rescue for 24 hours for a meet and greet in the specified location only after you have met the rescue first. No holds will be placed over the phone. We reserve the right to require an application and home visit on a case by case basis.

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