Things to Consider when Adopting a Budgie as a Pet

For a long time now, people have been adopting all sorts of birds as pets. Not all birds can be domesticated however, especially the tertiary consumers. The small birds like budgies are thus the best option for someone looking for a pet that is neither a dog nor a cat.

The first thing you should consider the fact that birds are very different from domesticated animals. Their behaviors pretty much resemble those of their wild counterparts. For instance, birds and especially budgies are very noisy and messy. This therefore means that when building a bird cage, you must always build a special compartment for easy drainage of their waste. As for the noise you will have to live by it, but then some bird breeds can cool down when well fed and trained properly.


Once you have decided that a budgie or a closely related bird type is what you need for a pet, you must then get prepared to make a nice cage and learn the feeds you will be giving to your new bird friend. A one meter squared wire meshed cage may be enough for the small size of a budgie, but it must also be enhanced with such things as perches and toys for more comfort. Birds and especially budgies love to play. You may quickly realize this once you start feeding her. Usually they start jumping up and down at times while at the same time poking their beaks on the cages. Buying some toys for the budgies to play with is therefore of great necessity. But experts do also ask for variety in the toys and perches you attach onto her cage.

Taming and Freedom

Budgies and most of the other bird types are easy to tame. In fact, birds are easily compared to human toddlers who demand a lot of emotional and social attention, but unlike for the little kids, budgies never grow up. They will want to swing and play with their partners, flap their wings around and even bathe at times. And in connection to this, it would be very great if you include a bird birth section at the bottom part of you cage. A cage located inside a bigger house should also have a lockable door to allow the budgie to fly about in the room so long as there are no dogs, cats or fans around.


Have plenty of it. Not that much though because your pet budgie can be messy at times. Birds love fruits and pellets which you may also supplement with other nutritious products. Note that the budgie is not so choosy with the fruits you feed it, but you should always make sure you add variety onto them. Budgies will also eat veggies, but this is certainly not their favorite meals.

Finally, always remember that budgies love being given attention, they appreciate some sunlight a day for vitamin D and love living in a clean environment surplus of clean air.

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