Pet Care Basics

Pets just like human beings require food, water, shelter and identification, potty training, health care, grooming and exercise. Not to mention, they need lots of love and caress too. Keep in mind that your pet is also a very important member of the family and it is just right to do whatever you can in order to keep it happy and healthy all the time.

More than that, it is a must to educate yourself first prior adopting any type of animal. Consider learning about the animal’s normal behavior as well as its specific traits. In so doing, this will help you set up realistic expectations.
Here are the do’s and don’ts you need to know in pet care:
• Make sure to feed your pet with nutritious diet preferably recommended by your vet.
• Give your pet plenty of water.
• Research about pet foods. If you are not sure if the pet food is safe and healthy, it is best to consult the veterinarian.
• Make sure your pet engages in physical activity or gets plenty of exercise. Jogging, walking, regular aerobic exertion, adequate playtime and many other forms of movements are quite pivotal for your pet’s mental stimulation, good muscle tone and strength and of course a sound frame.
• Treat your pet for fleas and ticks. Pets require baths, regular combing or brushing, dental hygiene and nail trimming.
• Consider using supplements. Take into consideration that animal supplements are great at filling dietary voids and considerably aid shield your pet’s skin from dryness.
• Always look for holistic means to ensure your pet’s health
• Never give your pets table scraps
• Don’t bathe your pet too often
• Always remember that tethering is against the law
• Do not overfeed your pet. Be reminded to always feed your pet with species-appropriate and balanced meals which are especially prepared by you. Pet meals must also comprise of some raw food ingredients.
• Never skip veterinarian exams. Vet checkups must be done at least twice per year.

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