How to treat Pet Allergies

There is nothing as disturbing to a pet owner as having an itchy pet. Take for instance when a dog starts to scratch itself back and forth while at times blowing fur onto your belongings. You probably feel you can throw her away. But you love her anyway, and you know that you want the scratching to stop. Your quick reaction might be to give the pet a cleaning, spray it with anti-parasite sprays or call your vet for help. But when the first two options can’t give you a solution to the problem, the cause might be allergies.

Allergies come in many forms to pets. Scratching is the most prominent one, but other signs include licking the groin, a runny nose or licking the paws. The bright side however is that you can easily control allergies among pet if you apply a variety of techniques. The following are some of them.

Give the pet less Allergic Food

Allergies among pets have many causes, and food is only one of them. Different pets may be allergic to different food types, but once you realize what food causes the problems the most, quit giving it to the animal. Sometimes you might not know the exact allergy causing foods; which should prompt you to try out different types of food and see which reduces the symptoms properly. Vets do recommend sweet potatoes and fish a lot, because they are both nutritious and rarely cause allergies to your pet. Generally, protein giving foods are also healthy and recommendable to dogs with allergies.

Adequate Flea Control

Scratching among pets is mainly caused by presence of fleas and ticks on the animal’s skin. And fleas can be very hard to control even to the cleanest kept pets. But if you take the step of spraying natural sprays every now and then, you could help solve the problem easily. Cleaning is also a crucial step in eliminating the fleas and it goes better if you also clean the dog’s kennel quite often. As for bathing, twice a week cleaning is enough for a relatively clean pet. And always take notice of the paws and teeth for better hygiene.

Use Antihistamines

If you communicate with your pet’s vet regularly, she probably may have already talked to you about using drugs to treat allergies. Antihistamines are some of the names used here, and they work very efficiently with the use of vitamin C giving foods. Additionally, use fatty acid supplements such as Omega 3 each day is a tested and proven way to eliminate allergies among pets.

Probiotics and Colostrum

Probiotics are types of medicines known to reduce allergy related effects. They work well by treating anomalies with the animal’s immune system and the good thing is that you only give very little doses. Finally, colostrum, the initial type of milk cows produce after giving birth, is a known cure of allergies. Colostrum is very rich in nutrients as you would expect and some of the other benefits that come along are boosting a pet’s immune system against allergies.

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