How to Take Care of Cats

If you love playing with pets, adopting a kitten might be your best choice. Cats and especially their young ones love to play a lot, but as they grow up, their love for play reduces depending on the relationship you build with them. It is however easy to bond with a cat only if you dedicate at least one hour a day to spend some time with him.

Bonding with a cat also enables you to notice when they develop illnesses. For starters, placing the cat on your lap and stroking him on the back makes him feel calm and secure. Some cats actually enjoy being stroked and will often sit on your lap just for it. However, not all cats want to be stroked. Some want to be let played which is why you should always take a break even when stroking or holding him. A break also makes him or her have some time alone.

If you just adopted a grown up cat, you may want to learn all the cool ways of building a closer relationship with them. To start with, cats stay calm when held on the chest with one hand and the other hand underneath their bum. This makes them feel safe and comfortable to be in your presence. They also appreciate some nice talk, except for a few which might have not have had a good relationship with their former handlers. In such a case, it is important to give him more positive attention and letting him have his way should the talking fail to work.

Cats love toys and treats. The outgoing breeds will want to push some small balls around, play with all sorts of toys and get treated often just like you do with other pets. However, knowing about you cat more is the best thing you can do to yourself. A cat that is tired of being held will for instance start pushing itself out. On the other hand, signs like meowing can be an indication that the cat is hungry. Some won’t meow though and will make an effort to look for food around the house. In this case, always put enough food on the cat’s plates, provide it with plenty of milk and water and train it to use its potty.

Then there are the issues of sicknesses. This is the most depressing part when you own a cat. If you live far from your vet, there are several ways you can check for a cat’s health issues. First it is the teeth and mouth in general. A look at these areas can help you see if the cat is injured or has any anomalies. The paws are another area that might be of concern. A limping cat might have got pricked by a thorn near the paws or might have a paw that got hit. Finally, taking the cat to your vet often is a better way of keeping health issues at bay, but as always remember that your attention and communication is what cats appreciate the most.

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