5 Ways to Improve your Relationship with your Dog

Dogs are people’s best friends, and like good friends, the relationship is cultivated and nurtured over time. The way you bond with a dog may be similar or different to any other kind of relationship. Dogs want to feel appreciated; they value rewarding but hate too much talking. So, as a caring dog owner who probably want to be as close to her dog as possible, read the article below for good tips.

Walk your dog

Dogs love seeing you spend time with them as much as you spend with any other best friend. And there are many ways to achieve this, but, walking your dog out is probably the best way to have some good time each day with him. Experts recommend a 30 minutes’ walk a day for the average dog owner. However, spending much more time with the pet can bond your relationship much better.

Exercise the Dog more

Have you ever exercised your dog? I hope so. Actually, giving your favorite dog pet some exercises a day has a very tremendous impact on both his health and love for you. Training your dog can also be a form of exercising, and in this case you are actually giving more freedom to him as well as strengthening your relationship. Think about the frustrations you’ve probably had while trying to make the dog sit or pee in its potty. And the look at the life after he is trained, both he and you feel happier.

Reward the dog often

A good dog deserves a good bone is an adage we have all heard before. And certainly, it works very well for any breed of dog. But rewarding does not end with giving your dog a bone. In fact, feeding him or her well is only the fast step to having a close and healthy relationship. The best way to reward the dog is to feed him more often with healthy food. Just ensure you bring exercise into the schedule though for a healthier life. Taking the pet out once he starts understanding your training is another way to reward him. And cleaning him often is definitely another very crucial thing you must do not only because it is mandatory but because you want to make the dog feel better about himself.

Be Calm and Talk Less

We humans love talking. You probably have talked to at least three people today. We love socializing whether with words or actions. But if you want to bond more with your non-human friend, talk less. Dogs especially love calm owners who do not yell to them all the time. They want someone who can hold them and play more often. They want to feel appreciated more often, and especially appreciation with a good meal.

Learn the dog’s likes and dislikes

Finally, knowing what your dog likes or hates is a very good way of bettering your relationship with them. And the best place to start is to know what your dog hates the most.

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